Toys & Games Guide: Top Kids Toys for Christmas 2019

Top Toy Guide Christmas 2019Move aside, unicorns, the kids of 2019 have moved on to better things, like llamas and narwhals. This year, we’re seeing a lot of adorable critters, like Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama and the ever-popular Fingerlings have come out with a baby shark and narwhal. SLIME is also hugely popular and kids cannot get enough of the stuff. Make it at home, buy it from the shop – 2019 is all about slime and we’ve got a whole section devoted to it!

We’re also seeing a lot of top toys from popular culture like a walking Buzz Lightyear from the new Toy Story 4 movie that came out in June and Furreal’s Mighty Simba from July’s Lion King remake. Kids are also loving any Fortnite related items – the top item for any Fortnite lover will inevitably be the Royale Battle Bus and, excitingly, Nerf has made a series of Fortnite themed guns.

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Top 2019 Critter & Animal Toys

No, this isn’t a reference to the 1986 comedy horror film by that title, but rather to the world of animal-type toys that will have kids screaming with delight at the sight of their new furry friends. Simba from the Lion King movie is a perfect example, seizing upon the popularity of the photorealistic computer-animated remake of the 1994 classic by offering kids their very own king of the lions.

These are the ideal toys for youngster who like to take their toys with them wherever they go and are big fans of animals, giving them a chance to squeeze them harder than you probably want them to squeeze their guinea pig. These toys are the ones that will be everywhere when you take your little one to a party and the kids all have to put their new furry friends on the side.

Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

For ages 2+ | £23.98 from Amazon

Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ LlamaIt’s not just Beyoncé that likes to shake her booty when Boppi is around. It is, as the name suggests, a cuddly Llama with big eyes that is able to dance and spin to three different songs. As she does so she wiggles her bum, which inevitably gets the kids laughing and shaking along. Tell gran that she’s got to copy what Boppi does and then prepare yourself for non-stop fun. Pets Alive is a range from Zuru toys and the Llama is sure to be the most popular of these robotic pets.

Furreal Cubby Bear

For ages 4+ | £67.39 from Amazon (Normally £79.99)

FurReal Cubby BearIf you’re going to get an interactive toy then one that looks cute as a button and lifelike on top of that is a good place to start. That’s what the FurReal Cubby Bear offers, with a hundred combinations of motion and sound to entertain your little one. Even better than that, the bear is ideal for nighttime as it will play soothing music for five-minutes to help its new friends drift off to sleep. Cubby loves to play, dance and chat away, offering the sense of talking when spoken to.

FurReal Mighty Roar Simba

For ages 4+ | £119.99 from Amazon

FurReal Simba LionIf a generic yet adorable bear isn’t quite what you’re after then one based on the character of Simba from the 2019 remake of the Lion King might tick your box instead. As well as being plush and happy to play, Simba also says phrases from the film. He’s keen to engage in roaring competitions and offers more than a hundred sound and movement combinations. He reacts when you pet his head and loves it when he’s fed his snacks. He’s a true king of the jungle!


For ages 6+ | £44.99 from Amazon (Normally £49.99)

OwleezOwleez are sweet-looking baby owls that are trying to learn how to fly. You can help them practice by swinging them through the air, which they adore. The more they practice, the better they’ll get and you’ll soon know that they’re ready because they’ll actually take off from their nest. You’ll be wishing that your child was like an Owlee, given their eyes light up to let you know what mood they’re in. You get the Owlee, some berries and the nest, with the Owlee happy to sing and dance for your entertainment.

Shimmer Stars (Unicorn, Cat, Puppy, Panda)

For ages 4+ | From £19.99 on Amazon

Shimmer StarsFabulous is the most appropriate word, with the package containing things to allow you to make your own hair sparkle alongside the Stars, including a Shimmerizer wand, two hundred reusable glimmer shimmers and a twinkly twinsie headband. You can either go for a unicorn, cat, puppy or panda. Fashion fans will love these new furry friends.

Dreamworks Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

For ages 5+ | £49.98 from Amazon (Normally £59.99)

Hatching Toothless DragonHow to Train Your Dragon has been something of a surprise hit in recent years, rivalling Toy Story for a film series that tells an engaging story. Similar to the ever-popular Hatchimals, you’ll get an egg that you’ll need to nurture until it’s ready to hatch, complete with light-up eyes that you can even see through the eggs shell. Once it’s hatched, you can bond with it by teaching it to fly and play interactive games. The toothless baby dragon offers fun and entertainment for all of those wannabe dragon trainers out there.

Crate Creatures

For ages 4+ | £14-30 on Amazon (Varies by Creature)

Crate CreaturesCrate Creatures are monstrous characters that promise all sorts of grungy, gross fun for their new owners. There are numerous different characters to collect and they’ll react to motions that you make them carry out. Imagine a colourful but gross looking creature with a long, lolling tongue and you’re in the right area of what these things look like. Pull their tongues to hear fun noises or watch them shake and shimmy. You can even record your own voice and get them to repeat it back to you. Prize them out of their crate and get playing.

Top 2019 Dolls

People that grew up with dolls that have lifeless eyes and the sort of weird, jerky movements that can terrify you during your sleep will be genuinely amazed at what today’s dolls can offer their users. Aside from anything else, the range of what fits under the bracket of ‘dolls’ is larger than ever before, up to and including Buzz Lightyear toys from this year’s newest Toy Story.

It’s also a genre that has grown and developed to make sure that it can appeal to the ‘woke’ generation. Those of a certain age will remember when Barbie was not just a doll but a codeword for a cliché of a blonde woman with large breasts who wasn’t the brightest. Today’s Barbies are aimed at inspiring young women to believe they can do whatever they want, and who isn’t on board with that?

Blume Doll

For ages 3+ | £9.99 from Amazon

Blume DollBlume Dolls look a little bit like they might be mates with Ru Paul and are great fun because of that. They come with outfits and hairstyles that can best be described as OTT, as well as sticker sand accessories that make them look fabulous. You get a flowerpot that you just add water to and watch them grow as a result. You won’t know which Blume Doll you’ve got until you’ve watered them and, with more than twenty of them available for collection, it’s a fun surprise. Your child and their toy can grow together.

Buzz Lightyear

Walking Buzz: For ages 3+ | £25 from Amazon (Normally £34.99)
Drop Down Buzz: For ages 4+ | £69.99 from Amazon

Buzz LightyearThe return of Toy Story was fun for kids of all ages, with two different Buzz Lightyear dolls accompanying it. One of them can walk around and expand his wings, offering as many as twenty different sounds and phrases. The other boasts more than sixty sounds and sayings, plus the ability to respond to voice commands and a drop-down action. Your little space commander will feel that they’re part of their very own toy story and even you might be a bit suspicious about whether or not these toys come alive when you turn your back.

Kindi Kids

For ages 3+ | £20-40 on Amazon (Varies by Doll)

Kindi KidsCandy kids might well have been a more appropriate name, considering the sickly sweet nature of them and the candy-floss looking hair that is part of the package. As well as the dolls themselves you can also but a host of accessories that allow them to go shopping, for example. They come with things like a cereal bowl and spoon that they’ll eat when you feed them. They also boast clothes that you can change and there are a host of them to buy, so there’s a chance to build up something of a collection if you’re so inclined.

Barbie Inspiring Women Series

For ages 6+ | £20-50 from Amazon (Varies by Doll)

Barbie Inspiring WomenDo you reject the idea of giving your child a doll that does little more than meet the patriarchal stereotype that women have spent decades fighting against? If so, then you’ll be delighted by the Inspiring Women series that Barbie have released this year. There are a whole host of dolls based on women that will make you pump your chest and shout ‘girl power’, including the likes of aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart, artist, Frida Kahlo, and body activist, Ashley Graham. A genuinely inspiring set of dolls you’ll be proud to buy.

Top 2019 Action Toys

Action toys are always one of the more popular options when toy-buying time rolls around for the simple reason that there’s always an option available for either gender and for all ages. This year it feels as though computer games are leading the market, thanks largely to the presence of two different toys that bear the branding of increasingly-popular game, Fortnite. If you’ve got someone you think could do with a little more action in their lives then this is the category to start with.

Some kids can’t sit still for more than thirty seconds without wanting something to do, so looking for an action toy is a good way of keeping them occupied at the same time as entertained. That’s why we’ve opted for toys that are appropriate for kids of different ages, in order to ensure that there’ll be a toy for you.

Fortnight Royale Battle Bus

For ages 8+ | £39.99 from Amazon

Fortnight Royale Battle BusFortnite is a genuine phenomenon, coming out of nowhere to take the gaming world by surprise. The characters are weird and wonderful, which is why the people behind the game figured it would make sense to release some action figures of said characters. Buying the Battle Bus will give you, well, a bus, but also a load of mini-figures like Battle Hound and Raven, as well as exclusive figures of Funk Ops and Burnout. It comes with pegs to attach the figures to the Battle Bus with, meaning it’s a great way to display the collection you’ve amassed.

Fisher Price Transforming Batmobile

For ages 3-8 | £79.99 from Amazon

Fisher Price BatmobileCertain characters are evergreen when it comes to kids and Batman is definitely one of them. The caped crusader has been played by countless different actors, but none have had the same commitment as a youngster wearing their pants over a pair or tights. With the Transforming Batmobile, Fisher Price are not just giving kids the chance to imagine themselves fighting crime but to do so with a Batmobile that is radio controlled. Press a button and it changes into a battle ready state, complete with flashing lights, sound effects and projectiles. Holy smokes, Batman!

Paw Patrol Mighty Jet Command Center

For ages 3+ | £49.99 from Amazon (Normally £59.99)

Paw Patrol Jet Command CentreBatman might be evergreen, but Paw Patrol is very ‘now’ and kids love Ryder and his four-pawed friends. The Mighty Jet Command Centre is a vehicle that works as a jet to transport the team around but also switches to become their command centre. There’s a disc launcher and five discs to put in it, should the command centre come under attack, plus a Ryder figure to take charge of the situation. It has lights, sound and details that will impress fans of the show, plus Ryder can be ejected in the mini-jet if your real dog decides to climb on board.

Nerf Fortnite

For ages 8+ | From £12-40 from Amazon (Varies by Type)

Nerf FortniteFortnite is a combat game, so a tie-up between the game and foam-bullet firing gun maker, Nerf, makes absolute sense. There’s not just one gun available, either, but rather a whole host of them. Look out for the likes of the Elite Blaster, the TS, the Hand Cannon and more, meaning that there’ll be options for all player-types. The detail that has gone into the guns will have Fortnite lovers almost believing that they’re really part of the game, so don’t be surprised if they start inviting friends around and hiding underneath your coffee table.

Top 2019 Technology Toys

Whether we like it or not, technology has become a hugely important part of the way that we interact with each other. Kids nowadays need to get used to using technology of various kinds because it’s going to be how they communicate when they’re adults. You can fight against it all you like, but the reality is that allowing young people to get engaged with tech as soon as you can will help them in the long-run.

That doesn’t mean that you should just hand them a smartphone and be done with it, of course. The toys that are being made nowadays are educational, meaning that you can fool your little ones into thinking that you’re treating them when really they’re just doing school work at home. They’re also brilliant toys, so they get to enjoy themselves at the same time.

Learning Resources Coding Critters

For ages 4-10 | £38 from Amazon

Coding CrittersIf the idea of giving the youngster in your life a way of learning something that could benefit them in the future at the same time that they get to have a laugh then the Coding Critters are what you’ll want. They are interactive animals that don’t have screens on them, yet teach kids how to do basic code. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is one of the basic pillars of learning, so getting a young person to get used to the idea of it from early on is a winner, with the Coding Critters doing just that. Critters come in dog, cat and dinosaur variations.

Thames & Kosmos Air-Walker Gravity-Defying Robot

For ages 8+ | Around £40 from Amazon

Thames & Kosmos Air-Walker Robot

OK, an air-waking, gravity-defying robot doesn’t boast exactly the same educational qualities as a STEM coding device, but does that matter when it sounds so cool? It’s also not as if it’s totally without merit on an educational front, teaching users about air pressure, vacuums and, of course, gravity. There’s a twenty-plus page manual included that teaches you how to build any of the five different versions of the robot, which can then walk up a flat surface vertically in order to impress kids of all ages.

PowerUp 3.0

For ages 14+ | £49.99 from Amazon

PowerUp 3.0

Do you remember when you were young and you’d make paper aeroplanes, having bets with your friends about whose could fly the furthest? It’s unlikely that anyone managed to create one that they could control once it was out of their hands, yet that’s exactly what the PowerUp 3.0 allows users to do. It’s a conversion kit that allows you to control your paper aeroplane with the use of your mobile phone. The controls are simple enough, meaning virtually anyone can use it. It’s been that successful that PowerUp 4.0 is currently on Kickstarter.

Carpool Karaoke Microphone

For ages 6+ | £49.99 from Amazon

Carpool Karaoke Microphone

The bad news about this toy is that won’t suddenly put you in a car with a Hollywood celebrity and give you the chance to sing along with them, but the good news is that James Corden doesn’t appear in your home when you switch it on, so it’s a win-some, lose-some thing. It’s essentially a singing machine with Carpool Karaoke branding, allowing you to tune it to the car’s FM stereo or via an AUX cable. You can then stream music from any karaoke app and sing along on the way to school.

Artie 3000

For ages 7+ | £59.40 from Amazon (Normally £69)

Artie 3000

If you liked Botley the Coding Robot last year, then the likelihood is that you’ll be a fan of Artie 3000, if for no other reason that it’s from the same company. The clue about Artie is in the name, with coding being used alongside creativity here to challenge both side of the brain at the same time. It offers four different game types, meaning that you can opt for different ways of playing depending on your mood. It works with a drag and drop program and watching Artie do what you’ve told him to is a thrill.

Top 2019 LEGO Sets

If LEGO isn’t the most timeless game type of all-time then it must be close. On the one hand, it’s just putting different blocks together to make shapes, but on the other, it’s a chance to build entire worlds with nothing but some lumps of moulded plastic. LEGO not only teaches people to be creative but also to follow instructions if they want to build the actual shape in the box.

As the years have gone by, LEGO have started to team up with more and more movies, meaning that you can now buy LEGO versions of some of your favourite vehicles, characters and places from the big screen. Building them is a challenge, keeping them safe and together even more so. If you’ve seen any of the LEGO movies then you’ll know that young people know how to bring their lego toys to life, so this is a great choice of toy.

LEGO Harry Potter 2019 Advent

For ages 3+ | £24.58 from Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter 2019 Advent CalendarIt’s been more than a decade since the last Harry Potter book came out, yet the Franchise’s popularity doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. This Harry Potter themed LEGO advert calendar offers those opening its twenty-four doors the chance to get a surprise toy each day in the build-up to Christmas, including a small Hogwarts Express, a Hedwig and, of course, all of your favourite characters from the books and films. This is a sure-fire way to cast a spell on your loved ones this year.

LEGO Harry Potter Night Bus

For ages 8+ | £33.99 from Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter Night BusFew things from the Harry Potter films are as iconic as the Knight Bus, which stands three floors high and takes Harry on all sorts of magical high-jinx. As well as the bus, this comes with driver, Ernie Prang, and ticket collector, Stan Shunpike, figures, plus Harry himself. You can open the side of the bus and take off the roof, giving you access to different areas of the bus for the adventures to take place in. There’s even a chandelier for whichever character you choose to swing from. Magical.

LEGO 20th Anniversary Star Wars Pod Racer

For ages 7+ | £19.99 from Amazon (Normally £24.99)

LEGO 20th Anniversary Star Wars Pod RacerThere are two quite surprising things about Star Wars Episode I. Firstly that it’s twenty years old and secondly that all traces of it haven’t just been buried in the middle of Tatooine. Yet if that had happened then we wouldn’t be able to tell you about this truly awesome LEGO version of Anakin’s Pod Race. As well as the Pod Racer itself, it also comes with a collector’s edition, twentieth anniversary Luke Skywalker figure and stand to display him on. You also get a mini Padmé and Anakin Skywalker, which we think is pretty cool.

LEGO Hidden Side

For ages 9+ | £17-100 from Amazon (Varies by Set)

LEGO Hidden Side SeriesThere’s a strong argument that one of the main reasons that LEGO has been able to survive for so long is its ability to re-invent itself time and again. That’s the case with the new Hidden Side series, which takes your LEGO down a slightly darker path than usual thanks to the likes of graveyard and shipwreck kits. Do you think a ghost train might ticket the fancy of the person you’re buying the gift for? How about paranormal intercept bus? They’re both options, meaning that the new saying might well be ‘Who you gonna call? LEGO’.

LEGO Toy Story 4 RV Vacation

For ages 4+ | £30 from Amazon

LEGO Toy Story 4 RV VacationIf the Knight Bus is one of the most iconic vehicles from Harry Potter, might the RV from Toy Story 4 be the equivalent for future generations? The toys that we all know and love cram themselves on board in order to save Woody and Forky, so it’s only right that some of the toys are included. As well as Jessie and Alien mini-figures there are also LEGO figures of Rex and the star of the show, Forky. Once you’ve built the RV, you can take its roof off to give you access to the interior.

Top 2019 Play Sets

Some kids love characters that they know and are happy to invent a world for them to play in, but others like to be given a little bit more structure to their play time and have the world they’re playing in given to them. That’s where play sets come in handy, giving you a pre-made scenario that young ones can use as the basis for their dreams.

It’s a great way of getting children engaged with their surroundings, plus they usually come from real-life scenarios and therefore allow youngsters to put themselves in charge of something that they’ve seen before. There are also plenty of tie-ins between well-known characters and genres that mean that you can usually find a play set that still gives the chance to have recognisable faces as part of the play.

LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill

For ages 2+ | £34.99 from Amazon (Normally £49.99)

LeapFrog BBQ GrillThe days of having a kitchen play set and having to imagine what it would be like to turn on the heat function have long gone. With the LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill you can put food onto the grill that it will recognise, before turning the skewer in time with the countdown clock to makes sure that the food is cooked all the way through. If the heat is too high then the grill will tell you, whilst sizzling sounds also add to the experience. There are even safety warnings so kids don’t get ‘burnt’.

Playmobil Aquarium

For ages 4+ | £39.99 from Amazon (Normally £47.99)

Playmobil AquariumNowadays, the idea of going to somewhere like Sea World is abhorrent, but there’s nothing wrong with creating an aquarium of your own at home. The Playmobil Aquarium can be filled with actual water in order to ensure that there’s enough room for the animals to swim around, teaching a valuable lesson about the importance of caring for the creatures performing for our amusement. The set comes with a performer and a bucket of fish, as well as a whole host of other accessories to add to the exciting experience.

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen with Playdough

For ages 4+ | £33.46 from Amazon (Normally £49.99)

Barbie Ultimate KitchenThe Inspiring Women Series by Barbie might be trying to encourage youngsters to move away from the stereotype of women and kitchens, but that doesn’t mean that the company has abandoned its origins altogether. The Barbie Ultimate Kitchen with Playdough sees a Barbie doll able to control her kitchen and use various different accessories that you’d expect to find there. That includes a pie mould that can be filed with dough that will then raise when it’s been put in the oven. How about some fries that make a sizzling sound as they cook? Yum.

Peppa Pig Stage Playset

For ages 3+ | £34.97 from Amazon (Normally £39.99)

Peppa Pig Stage PlaysetParents might well have thought that they’d be able to get away from Peppa Pig once the TV is turned off, but that’s just not true anymore. The Peppa Pig Stage Playset does what it says on the tin, offering a small stage from which Peppa and her not-at-all-irritating family can perform a show for the watching audience. As well as the stage set, there’s also all of the characters that you’d expect, with the cast headed up by George and Peppa, plus backstage crew to help you put on your show.

Top 2019 Slime

Slime first appeared in the shops as a toy back in the 1970s, but it doesn’t show any signs of abating as an option for people to get their hands dirty with. In fact, it’s now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes for people keen to squish and squash it into different creations. From slime that looks like poop through to other stuff that’s glittery, there are options for everyone.

This is very much the toy to be looking at for people who love to get down and dirty, with the stuff feeling as weirdly delightful in your hands as you’d imagine. It’s ideal stuff to teach young people about the importance of working in a tactile environment, not to mention the need to clean up after themselves. It’s not the sort of thing that people that pride themselves on a perfect looking home should buy, though…

Cra-Z Slime Creations Super Slime Studio

For ages 6+ | £18.70 from Amazon (Normally £29.99)

Cra-Z Slime Creations Slime StudioNo, a super slime studio doesn’t refer to somewhere dodgy Hollywood directors make their films. Instead, it’s somewhere that you can make your own slimy creations, offering the chance to make combinations of slime, glitter, colours and more. It’s actually part of the STEM theme of toys, giving kids a chance to learn how mixing things works. It’s the sort of toy that positively encourages adult supervision, so it’s worth thinking about as a toy to give people you don’t like as much as the ones that you do.

Elasti Plasti

For ages 5+ | £9-13 from Amazon (Varies by Colour)

Elasti PlastiRemember the days of plasticine that you could mould into a vague sort of shape? This is a lot like that but taken to the extreme. It has the ability to expand to the point that it’s one hundred times its original size, meaning that it can be stretched, pulled and even blown so that it inflates. Stick a straw in it, blow and then watch as your previously round ball of gloop grows bigger and bigger. You can also pull it out to make a large sheet that can cover whatever it’s dropped on.

Play Doh Baby Shark

For ages 3+ | £20 from Amazon

Play Doh Baby SharkIf you’ve got a child, met a child or even have the vaguest notion of what a child is then it’s extremely likely that you’ll know all about Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. This is the Play-Doh version, giving you cutters that let you create shark bodies, stamps to give them eyes and more, thanks to the twenty-one toy set. There are twelve cans of Play-Doh, too, so plenty of sharks can be made. It means it’s more like Baby Shark, play doh doh doh doh doh doh.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

For ages 3+ | £10-15 from Amazon (Varies by Colour)

Crazy Aaron's Thinking PuttyOffering more than sixty colours and effect, the world of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is one that is full of choice. If you don’t know what Thinking Putty is then that’s fair enough, but imagine a putty that is mouldable, tearable and also has a memory effect. It never dries out, so you won’t need to be buying new pots of it every five minutes when whoever’s using it inevitable forgets to put the lid on it, plus it’s non-toxic. That doesn’t mean people should eat it or anything – you have to do at least a bit of the thinking.

Treasure X Aliens Dissection Kit with Slime, Action Figure & Treasure

For ages 5+ | £16.99 from Amazon

Treasure X Alien SlimeNot all slime has to be purely about the nastiness of the feeling and look of it, with some offering the ability to be educational. This kit is ideal for people who might want to grow up and dissect aliens, for example. Cut the alien open and dig around the find its treasure, moving slime out of the way as you go on your search. The kit obviously comes with an alien and the stuff you’d need to ‘dissect’ it, plus tongs and things to inspect your new-found treasure with.

Top 2019 Family Board Games

Yeah sure, slime, action toys and dolls are all well and good but when it’s Christmas Day and everyone’s together, with gran asleep on the couch after too many sherries, there’s nothing better than playing a game. Just make sure that whoever’s keeping an eye on the rules is honest. There are loads of games that have been popular over the years, from pick up sticks to pie face.

It’s a great genre to opt for if you’re looking for something that the whole family will enjoy. Not that everyone will necessarily be happy at the end of the game, of course, but that just means that you’re able to teach your little ones about losing with dignity. Unless it’s you that has lost, thrown the board game over and stormed off to the living room to watch the Queen’s speech. No one’s perfect.

Monopoly Fortnite

For ages 13+ | £29.20 from Amazon

Monopoly FortniteOnce again Fortnite is used to sell something, this time that classic game of Monopoly. Instead of buying Mayfair and the trains stations, however, you control characters from the game and purchase different places from it. It’s a tad different from the Monopoly you might have played when you were younger, promising battles and the ability to earn Health Points rather than money. This is more reminiscent of actual property development, complete with the ability to choose your own outfit and damage your opponents. Certainly not a game for the faint-hearted!

Playmonster Yeti in My Spaghetti

For ages 4+ | £15 from Amazon

Playmonster Yeti in My SpaghettiIn the Toy Story films, Woody would shout ‘there’s a snake in my boots!’ Perhaps, if given their time again, the writers might have opted to hear Tom Hanks decry that there was a yeti in his spaghetti. We’ll never know, but you’ll get to exclaim it as you see a yeti sat on top of a bowl of spaghetti and need to remove the noodles one at a time without making the yeti fall into the bowl. If it does then that’s game over for whoever made it fall, adding a lovely bit of tension to proceedings.

Pictionary Air

For ages 8+ | £16 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

Pictionary AirWe all remember Pictionary, in which you’d use a paper and pencil to try to draw something you read on a card and hope that your teammates were clever enough to guess what it was in time. Well this is that game brought into the twenty-first century, giving you a wand that allows you to draw on thin air and see your creation appear on a screen. You need a smartphone or tablet for this to work, but if you’ve got one then expect plenty of laughs as family members try to draw a cactus.

The Slow-Motion Race Game

For ages 8+ | £23.99 from Amazon

Slow Motion Race GameIf you’ve ever acted out the end of the race from Chariots of Fire then this game will be right up your alley. It comes with two headbands that the competitors put on, before playing some music and then racing to the finish line. Only it’s not a race, because if you go too quickly then your headband will buzz and you’ll have to freeze until the buzzing stops. The first person to get to the trophy wins, but you’ll need to keep your eye out for cheating as the desire to move quickly can be almost too much to resist.

Top 2019 Stocking Stuffers

When Christmas rolls around it’s not just the toys under the tree that you need to worry about. There’s also a need to fill a stocking to add that little bit more magic to proceedings. It’s not always easy finding appropriate toys that do that job, so we’ve come up with a list of ones that we think are ideal. Obviously, there are different ones for different ages and personality types, so choose wisely.

The key to getting these presents right is to ensure that you pick the right size stocking in the first place. Borrow one from gran that she’s had since the early ‘70s and you’ll be spending a fortune on gifts trying to fill it. Then again, choosing a pop sock isn’t likely to put smiles on anyone’s face. These gifts are small but perfectly formed, meaning that you’ll hopefully get decent bang for your buck.

Wow Wee Lucky Fortune Bracelets

For ages 6+ | £8.99 from Amazon (Includes 2 Bracelets)

Wow Wee Lucky Fortune BraceletsImagine that you’ve gone to a Chinese restaurant and at the end of the meal they’ve put fortune cookies on the table, but instead of only giving you an inspiring message when you crack it open, you’re given a snazzy bracelet. That’s the basic idea behind this toy, with five different bracelets to be collected. There’s even a limited edition one that’s actually coated in real gold, so you never know what you might find when you crack one open. With bravery comes good fortune… and a bracelet you’ll love wearing.


For ages 5+ | £10-25 from Amazon (Varies by Model)

Fingerlings NarwhalFingerlings were on our list of stocking fillers last year, too. Back then it was unicorns and dinosaurs that you could stick on the end of your fingers and make dance around, whilst this time around it’s narwhals and baby sharks that are all the rage. Some of them light up, some of them look adorable and all of them fit perfectly onto the end of a finger and allow you to make them come alive with your imagination. These are the ideal stocking fillers for kids that like to take their new toys with them wherever they go.

Candylocks Scented Collectible Surprise Doll with Accessories

For ages 5+ | £10-20 from Amazon (Varies by Doll)

Candylocks Scented DollThese stocking fillers look sensational, with fifteen inches of hair inspired by cotton candy that you’d be tempted to eat even if it didn’t smell delicious. The fact that it’s scented to smell like sweets means that you’ll really have to resist popping it in your mouth to see what it tastes like. The hair comes in different form, from ponytails to braids, and there are more than ten of the dolls to collect. They come with fun hair accessories, too, so a lot of punch is packed into a small parcel.

Basic Fun Cutetitos

For ages 3+ | £8.59 from Amazon

CutetitosImagine an adorable little animal. Now imagine a tortilla wrap. Put those hands together and you’ve got a CuteTito, which might sound a bit weird but is actually really charming and fun. They come wrapped in a burrito blanket, so you’ll have to unwrap them to see what’s inside. There are twelve different ones on offer and they all have a different birthday, spice level and rarity factor. The Tabbito Catito is cute as anything, for example, but it’s also quite common. Rapidito, the Cheetarito, is far more rare, however, so you’re in for a treat if you unwrap one of them.


For ages 3+ | £11-16 from Amazon (Varies by Doll)

HairdorablesThis toy could have been included in the Dolls section, but the fact that they’re a bit smaller means that they’re ideal stocking fillers. As you might have guessed, these toys are all about the amazing hairstyles on offer, with each pack containing a doll that has a funky hairdo and ten surprises to go on top. There are thirty-nine dolls to collect in series 3, with two of them being rare and one being ultra-rare. You’re not only able to comb the hair but also to crimp and curl it, if you fancy.

Party Popteenies

For ages 4+| £2.49-15 from Amazon (Varies by Product)

Party PopteeniesThese teeny toys love a party, with the various ones available promising bright colours and plenty of surprises. As well as the little Pop Teenies the theme of the one you opt for will dictate what else you’ll get. Go for the Party Time set, for example, and you’ll see mini gifts, confetti and stickers. There are also fashion accessories and other bits included, meaning that this gift offers more than just the one thing. Because it comes in a decent box, it’s also something that will fill the stocking up nicely for you.

Ty Flippables

For ages 3+ | £8-15 from Amazon (Varies by Animal)

Ty FlippablesImagine your old Ty beanie babies, now make its eyes bigger and cover it in sequins. You’re now in the realms of what Ty Flippables is offering. From penguins to dinosaurs, flamingos to unicorns, these truly spectacular stocking fillers that will put a sparkle in anyone’s life. The fabric is soft to the touch, the sequins are flippable and there are loads of styles to collect. Whilst creatures are only fifteen centimetres tall, they’re an awful lot bigger in terms of entertainment.