10 Reasons Why We Love Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner, so we’re starting to reminisce about things we’re most looking forward to this season. With the Autumnal Equinox on Thursday the 22nd this year, we are already starting to dust off our wellies and our rain jackets. There are so many reasons to love autumn, but here are our top 10 reasons why we just can’t wait for Autumn to begin!

1. The Colours

vibrant autumn

During Autumn, the colours of the leaves and trees are fluorescent and everywhere you turn, you feel like you’re in an oil painting. There is nothing more magical than going for a walk through an autumnal forest, walking along a vibrant rug of orange, red, and yellow newly fallen leaves and hearing them crunch beneath your feet.

2. Knitted Jumpers

knitted sweater

We love a bit of summer, but after a while, we start to miss our cute knitted jumpers. Okay, it’s a bit early for our Christmas jumpers just yet, but we can hold fire on those and wear the others. Big comfy, oversized sweaters, cute dresses with tights and boots, colourful wellies paired with charming rain jackets – yes, the autumnal wardrobe is much more comfortable (not to mention more flattering).

3. The Food

beef stew

Let’s be honest, a hearty autumnal menu is always more interesting than a light summer menu that consists of fish and vegetables. And, whilst we do like the variety of seasonal foods, we are truly looking forward to some richer, heartier foods, like beef stews, roast dinners, and apple pies. Time to get out the ol’ slow cooker and put a pot of chilli on!

4. Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice latte

Have you tried the pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks? If you haven’t, get to your local Starbucks pronto. In the land of the free, they go crazy for pumpkin. We’re talking pumpkin bagels, pumpkin icecream, pumpkin Oreos – you name it, they’ve got it flavoured with pumpkin. We’re just holding out for the day when we start getting these delights here in the UK. For now, we will enjoy our pumpkin latte and be thankful that it made the journey across the Atlantic.

5. The Crisp Air

crisp autumn day

There’s just something about the crisp air and the smell of newly fallen leaves that makes us so so happy. There’s nothing better than an autumnal day with bright blue skies, not a cloud in sight, and cooler temperatures with that crisp autumnal air.

6. Cups of Tea

cup of tea

Yeah, you might still have a cup of tea every morning throughout the summer, but once it’s a bit cooler, you can start back to your tea breaks every hour at work and no one will think you’re taking the piss. Is there any better sound in this world than a teacup clinking a saucer? (Okay, maybe a champagne cork popping…) But we love the cool autumn days and a nice hot beverage.

7. Halloween


The prospect of Halloween is exciting for every kid – scheming about what character you are going to be this year, what design you will carve into your pumpkin. It’s also exciting for the parents, as you get to send your child out to gather free candy, which they will hopefully be willing to share with you. There’s something whimsical about Halloween that we love – snuggling under a blanket and watching scary movies, decorating the front of your house to truly get into the spirit, telling the older kids they are too old for trick-or-treating (when secretly you wish you were doing it yourself) – yes, we love Halloween.

8. Our Dogs Are Happier

yorkshire terrier autumn

Our beagle is happy year-round, but he is happiest in the autumnal months. The parks are no longer picnic minefields, so he is not getting told off for stealing a small child’s sandwich and thus being relegated to the lead. The tourists have gone home, the picnickers have packed up, and he’s back to just enjoying his park with his doggy mates without overheating. The smile on his face when he is romping through the leaves makes us love Autumn all that much more.

9. Fires


We’re not talking about the out-of-control ones they get in Southern California, no. We’re talking about purposeful roaring fireplaces. The smell of the newly lit logs, the toasting crumpets. There’s no better way to warm up on a cool autumnal eve than sitting in front of a good fireplace in a wing back Chesterfield with a classic book and a cup of tea.

10. Black Friday


And, last but certainly not least, we, of course, look forward to Black Friday, which happens at the tail end of autumn on the fourth Friday of November. It’s not the long queues and angry mobs that we enjoy though, but rather all of the fantastic savings on our Christmas shopping. It also marks the start of the Christmas season, which we love even more, so all in all, we love Black Friday.