Slowing of Online Sales in the UK Might Suggest Black Friday Shopping Peak

Given a definite slowdown of online sales this summer, experts believe shoppers may be holding out for the Black Friday sales.

onlineshopWith a rise in the number of people who own smartphones and tablets these days, online shopping has become the norm for many. Companies, such as Argos, for example, report that almost half of their sales come from online purchases.

In a news article written by the Guardian, they discuss how IMRG Capgemini, the UK’s industry association for online retail, reported that online sales in the month of August were 6% lower than they were the month previous. The company also reported some of the lowest growth in the early part of 2015.

IMRG believe that this drop in online sales at the latter part of the summer can possibly be attributed to multiple factors – one of which is shoppers holding out for Black Friday. Will this be the biggest Black Friday we’ve seen yet in the United Kingdom? Only time will tell.