Currys Launches Early 2019 Sale with “Black Friday Price Guarantee”

Curry’s early Black Friday sale is up and running with the promise that if the price is lower on Black Friday they’ll refund the difference. The front page of the site has changed its appearance from the usual white to black with floating balloons and a bright yellow Black Friday Price Guarantee. Exciting, yes, but don’t be taking out that credit card just yet. In this article, we explain what the price guarantee means exactly and review the best Black Friday deals currently on offer at Curry’s and perhaps what still may be reduced in the coming weeks.

Curry's 2019 Black Friday Sale

Curry’s Black Friday Price Guarantee Explained

black friday price now tag 2019It may sound like the Black Friday sale is in full swing and that everything is currently reduced to their Black Friday price tags with the promise of if the price is lower on Black Friday they’ll refund the difference, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

It appears only the items marked with the yellow, black and white “Black Friday Price Now” tag to the left of the product on the site are currently part of the early promotion subject to refunds should the price go any lower. So, this means that if an item you’re looking at doesn’t have that tag, a price reduction in the weeks to come is still likely.

Gaming consoles are a great example with only a few Nintendo Switches reduced in the early sale and no deals just yet on Xbox or PlayStation. In 2018, Curry’s waited for Game’s deals to launch before undercutting them on all Xbox bundles. We expect the same might happen in the coming weeks, so hang fire just a bit longer for anything you’re after that doesn’t currently have the “Black Friday Price Now” sticker.

Curry's 2019 Black Friday Sale

The top product has the “Black Friday Price Now” guarantee, however, the bottom one does not, so could still be subject to price reductions in the coming weeks.

Top 2019 Technology Deals at Curry’s


The top deal at Curry’s is currently a SAMSUNG Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Bixby with 34% off, but it doesn’t have the “Black Friday Price Now” tag so could be subject to further price reductions. The next deal is 33% off a JVC 39″ Smart LED TV with the Black Friday Price Guarantee. That means this TV likely won’t be reduced further, because if it is, Curry’s would have to refund the difference.

This is certainly not what we would consider “Black Friday worthy” but we’re hoping we see some better deals crop up nearer Black Friday. With some 50% off deals on TVs in Black Friday 2018, we know we can do slightly better. Unfortunately though, if your TV of choice is already discounted with the Black Friday sticker, it seems the price will likely not drop any lower. Thankfully, there aren’t a huge amount on sale at the moment though, so we’ll check back again in the coming weeks.

Soundbars / Sonos

There are some decent soundbar deals at the moment with 50% off an LG Wireless Soundbar with Dolby Atmos with a range of other great discount on LG soundbars. For Sonos, we’re seeing £50 off a Playbar, as well as on the SUB Wireless Subwoofer, which is a decent saving for the popular brand. For Sonos speakers, there are currently no early Black Friday deals, so best to hold out for that one just yet.


For laptops, the highest discount at present is on a LENOVO 14″ Intel® Celeron™ Chromebook (64 GB) with a discount of 40%, but again, no Black Friday guarantee on this product. There are, however, a range of HP Pavilions discounted from 34% to 23%, depending on the exact specifications with the Black Friday Price Now tag, so it’s probably safe to go for one of those, as they likely wouldn’t be reduced any further.

In terms of Apple Macbooks, there’s £114 off an APPLE 13.3″ MacBook Air with Retina Display (2019) – 128 GB SSD, which is decent for an Apple product, but none of them currently have the Black Friday price guarantee, so perhaps worth holding out for those.


Curry’s have discounted the popular DYSON V8 Absolute Cordless Bagless Vacuum Cleaner by £100, saving you 33% on this popular cordless vacuum. There is also a £100 saving on the DYSON AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater.


At the moment, we’re only seeing Black Friday deals on the Nintendo Switch with about £30 off these bundles. In terms of other consoles, we’re guessing Curry’s is waiting to see what their competitors do before they release their deals. Last year, they waited until Game launched their sale and undercut them on all Xbox consoles.

Smart Phones

For smart phones, we’re seeing £70 off the Motorola G7 Plus, which is a 26% saving. Next up, is 23% off a Sony Xperia 1, saving you £200. Other brands on sale include Huawei with £40 or £50 off. For iPhone, we’re seeing £120 off the iPhone 8 Plus, which is a 17% saving, but no Black Friday Price promises on iPhones quite yet. Unfortunately, we never see any major deals on newer models but we might hold out just in case they decide to reduce the newest model by £20 or so.

Large Appliances

At the moment, the top Black Friday deal on fridge freezers is currently 34% off a LG American-Style Fridge Freezer with the same discount on the GRUNDIG 60/40 Fridge Freezer. There’s also 25% off a SAMSUNG Fridge Freezer, but there’s no Price Promise on that, so we’d wait to see if any are further reduced next week or the week of Black Friday.

For ovens, you’re look at saving £100 to £200 off in the sale at the moment on brands like HISENSE, AEG and SAMSUNG. No Black Friday discounts yet on Rangemaster but we’re holding out hope for the coming weeks.

For washing machines, there’s 32% off various Hotpoints, 29% off various LGs, 27% off various Bekos, and if you’re after a Samsung, there’s a couple reduced by 21% at the moment but they don’t have that Black Friday tag, so we’re thinking they might be reduced further in the coming weeks. Dryers for whatever reason are never reduced quite as much as washing machines, so the top deal we’re seeing at Curry’s at the moment is just 20% off a Hoover Dynamic. For the popular Samsung dryers, there’s anything between £20 to £50 off, but again, no Black Friday tag, so hold out for those just yet.

Code: If you’re buying multiple large appliances, we noticed a code (MULTI60) for an additional £60 when you spend £600 or more on 2 large kitchen appliances.

Fitbit & Apple Watch

At the moment we’re seeing 46% off the Fitbit Inspire HR. For the Apple Watch 3, you can save £80, but as it doesn’t have the Black Friday sticker, we wonder if it could possibly be further reduced in price. Currently, there are no discounts on the Apple Watch 5 and we are unlikely to see any, as the watch was only just released recently.

Beauty Electricals

At present, there is only the Dyson hair dryer on “sale” for £299. Curry’s does not specify the savings percentage on this product but the Dyson website lists the same device as £299.99, so we aren’t really sure why this is being included as a Black Friday saving. In, fact you can get it on Amazon for £297 at the moment.

As of Thursday 14/11/19, there are no Black Friday deals on toothbrushes, hair straighteners or men’s razors. We reckon Curry’s might reduce a few of these items in the next couple of weeks but we think they’re holding out to see what their competitors, like Boots, will offer.

Should I Jump on the Deals at Curry’s Now or Wait?

The Curry’s Black Friday sale has technically started, but we are not getting overly excited quite yet about anything that’s on offer. If the item doesn’t have the Black Friday Price Guarantee sticker as explained at the beginning of this article, further reductions in the coming weeks could very well happen. If there’s something you’re after that is already reduced and has the sticker though, “Why Wait?” as Curry’s boldly claims on their front page. But, as for us, we’re holding out for some better sales just yet!