A Farewell to DVD Players

John Lewis & Partners has officially announced that once their supply of DVD players has sold out, they will not be restocking them. With sales down by 40%, it seems the population is more likely to stream on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

DVD Player

John Lewis & Partners, however, will still continue to sell blu ray players, which can, of course, also be used for standard DVDs. The cheapest model they offer runs around £70 and goes up to about £450 for a device that can also record television shows.

Whilst you’ll still be able to find standard DVD players at places like Curry’s, it seems as though John Lewis & Partners has it right in that DVDs are a bit of a dying breed. They will surely become extinct one day all thanks to the invention of Smart TVs and streaming platforms.

Whilst the newest generation of children are likely to have never seen a VHS tape, perhaps the next generation will never see a DVD. But saying that, we all still have a huge stockpile of DVDs taking up precious space on our shelves, so it seems a shame not to use them!

VHS Tape

Whether you want to replace your DVD player whilst you can or you want to buy a new Smart TV to replace your old system, Black Friday is sure to bring some smashing deals to help you save in time for Christmas.

Whilst the famous shopping day lands on Friday the 23rd of November, shops are likely to run their sales for a week or more based on previous years. We’ll let you know just as soon as those offers are released.