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Electric shaverElectric shavers and razors are in vast supply with leading brands like Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Nivea Men, King of Shaves, L’Oreal Men Expert, and Braun dominating the men’s shaving market. And, what better time to stock up on a new electric razor than at the end of November when they are 1) massively reduced, and, 2) your other half is ready for you to shave off that Movember stache? When you’re done shaving, consider some aftershave¬†to complete the process.

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Shops With Electric Shaver/Razor Offers

Electric Shaver & Razor Buying Guide

Electric razor

Given the prevalence of razors in shops up and down the country, to say nothing of in hotel comfort packages, you might well find yourself asking why an electric shaver is something you should be considering. Razors have been around since the bronze age, but it is fair to say that they have changed in nature since then. Razors, of course, require you to manually engage the blade with the hair being cut by one blade. Yes, there are some that have extra blades on the razor, but they still only cut the hair one blade at a time, lifting the hair from the follicle in order to cut it.

Electric shavers, meanwhile, don’t lift the hair but instead press down on the skin in order to cause a bow wave. They then cut the hair between two blades in a motion that is similar to a pair scissors. Manual razors obviously allow for a closer shave, with blades that are easily replaced, making them the cheapest option initially. Buying enough of them over time will add up, obviously, but they’re still likely to be the cheapest option. Electric razors ask for more money up front and aren’t as easy to clean, to say nothing of pick up a replacement if you forget it, but they offer you a lot more.

With an electric shaver, their rotary blades help to reduce the total amount of time that you’ll spend shaving. They are easy to use, normally boasting ergonomic handle designs and promising a user experience that makes them much friendlier, especially for older people. The fact that they offer a safer shaving experience is also something that makes them more appealing to someone of a more mature age. You will get a smooth shaving experience without any nicks or cuts, to say nothing of no razor burn or skin irritation with most models. That makes them ideal for sensitive skin.

Waterproof Options

There are many electric shaver brands that are now 100% waterproof, meaning that if you’re in a rush then you can take them into the shower with you and kill two birds with one stone. There are models that have an in-built vacuum to mean that the shaved hair is collected up rather than making a mess. As they come in both corded and cordless varieties, it means that there will almost certainly be an electric razor that will meet your needs, up to and including the possibility of some of them allowing for both wet and dry shaves, depending on what you’re after.

The main beauty of an electric shaver, though, is its versatility. Whilst normal razors can be used to shave a few different ways, they don’t offer the same number of options as electric ones. With an electric razor, for example, you can shave your facial hair or your sideburns, you can trim your beard or mould your moustache. Electric shavers can even be used in the car, say, or other locations where a manual razor simply wouldn’t be usable anywhere that there isn’t a sink and mirror. Manual razors will give you a closer shave, but electric ones will give you a more convenient one.

Electric Shaver Brands & Types

Man shaving in mirror

When it comes to electric shavers, there are numerous different brands that offer them. There are several big players that tend to dominate the market, with the likes of Philips, Remington and Braun all being well-known. There are plenty of others you can look out for, though, and some of them have tried to make a name for themselves in a competitive arena by offering a specific service. Given the preciousness of your face and other areas that you’re going to be shaving, it is always worth making sure that you’re looking to buy a shaver from a brand that you trust.

It is possible that you’ll already have your own favourite brand, but it is always worth having a look at what the other brands offer in order to ensure that you’re not missing out on something. Whilst most of the biggest brands will offer all types of electric shaver, there is no question that some of them tend to specialise in one version of electric shaver over another. We will explain how the different types of electric razor work in more detail shortly, but the rule of thumb is that the likes of Philips have nailed the rotary shaver market whilst Braun are the best for foil shavers.

Foil Shavers

Braun shaverFoil shavers tend to have straighter heads and use oscillating blades. These are known as ‘cutters’ in some quarters and they exist behind a ‘foil’, which is designed to protect the skin from the blades. The ‘foil’ is a reference to the thin layer, usually metal, that has holes in it to create a mesh pattern. The foil tends to capture the hair in its holes, allowing it to cut close to the skin. The microfoil aims to align the skin, promising a close shave even if it can’t be as impressive as the sort of close shave that you’re going to get from a manual razor, as you might imagine.

The foil can be paired with a powder or pre-shave oil in order to avoid the likelihood of skin irritation after the shave. You can add this to the skin ahead of the shave, with the aim being to protect the skin from the blade and allow it to glide nicely over the contours of your face. You don’t have to use oil or powder, of course, but it will enhance the experience. This is especially the case if you’re someone that tends to have sensitive skin that often ends up feeling the after-effects of a shave. The same is true with after-shave care, which isn’t necessary but some might find helpful.

Foil shavers can be cleaned relatively easily, not least of all because many of them come with a self-cleaning system. You will want to clean it after every shave in order to ensure that it works at its optimum level. If it is tap-washable, you can do that and then let it air-dry so as to avoid the possibility of it getting any kind of musty smell. Both the blades and the foil will dull with use, as you would expect, and that will mean that they won’t achieve the same effect with your shave. You can usually change them without needing to buy an entirely new shaver, though, which is good.

Rotary Shavers

Philips ShaverIf your electric razor isn’t a foil one then the likelihood is that it will be a rotary shaver. As the name suggests, these shaver types use three circular heads that have their own internal spinning cutters. They capture your hair within the outer guard in order to cut the hair and are designed in order to follow the contours of your face. In some ways, these shaver types are less easy to use than rotary shavers, taking a little bit of time to get used to. The first thing that you’ll want to do is to ensure that the blades are free from hair from previous shaves and that they are nice and clean.

The rotary shaver boasts three circular heads, most of the time, with outer guards that are stationary. The cutting blades are internal, with the rotary head moving in circular motions. That makes it easier to cut the likes of the neck and chin, to say nothing of the fact that you can also move the shaver wherever you would like to and in whichever direction suits. That is as opposed to foil shavers, which really need to be used in straight lines. You can go against the grain, with that sort of movement being one that is more likely to offer a closer shave for you.

Even if the blades appear clean, you’d do well to rinse them with water in order to avoid dirty blades touching the skin. The beauty of rotary shavers is that they can be used for both wet and dry shaves. Regardless of which one you’re opting for, you’d be best-placed getting some warm water on your skin in order to open up the hair follicles. It will make it easier for the blade to glide over the softer skin, cutting the hair and allowing for a slightly closer shave. Not only that, but it will also ensure slightly less irritation once you get your actual shave underway with the device.

Where foil shavers can be used with or without skin protection, even if they’re better off with, you would be best-placed to ensure that you’re using some kind of product with a rotary shaver. Whatever you use can be a matter of personal preference, with all of oil, gel, foam, power and cream being acceptable with the majority of rotary shavers. It not only protects the skin but it also allows for a cleaner and smoother shave. When you get skin irritation, it is usually because the shaver’s blades have had to tug at the hair because it can’t just glide over and cut it.

Once you’ve finished shaving, you can put your rotary shaver under the tap in order to remove any hair and dead skin, ensuring that the shaver will be clean and well-maintained. This can obviously take a little more time, but it will keep the shaver in good condition and make it less likely that you’ll get skin irritation in the future. You will also want to apply a moisturiser or some oil as part of your post-shave routine. You will want to do what you can to keep your skin hydrated, which is you’re best waiting a while before you splash on your favourite aftershave.

Which Type Is Best?

There is something of the ‘how long is a piece of string’ about this question. For a lot of people, the whole point of the electric shaver is its speed and convenience. As a result, the fact that rotary shavers work best when you apply some sort of pre-shave ointment on your skin means that they won’t get that convenience. You can use a rotary shaver in the car, for example, but the chances are high that you’re going to end up with irritated skin. That is less likely to happen with a foil shaver, albeit it is still a possibility. The reality is that neither is better in an outright sense.

That being said, most people will have a preference and you’d do well to figure out which one is yours. As a quick rule of thumb, rotary shavers are best for people that either don’t need to shave every day or else don’t need to be completely cleanly shaven. If you have relatively rough skin, perhaps because you’re older or have been shaving for years, rotary shavers are mildly less likely to cause you major irritation. Similarly, those with coarser hair or a slightly thicker beard are more likely to find that a rotary shaver is going to be the right option for them and their skin and hair type.

Other Considerations

Electric shaving

Regardless of the electric shaver type you opt for, you will find that it will last somewhere between 12 and 18 months. It will be the blades that will start to suffer after that time, so if you’re keen to avoid having to constantly buy a new one then you might want to make sure that the shaver that you buy can have its blades replaced relatively easily. It is why it is also important to follow the manufacturers instructions around cleaning the device and keeping it in the best possible condition, given the likelihood that that will allow you to lose it for as long as possible.

How Are Electric Shavers Powered?

Braun Series 5 with power chargerWhen it comes to narrowing down which electric shaver is right for you, one of the things that you might want to consider is how it charges. Obviously there are some electric shavers that are mains-powered, in which case how they work is abundantly clear. Do think about that before you buy it, though; does it suit your needs to have a shaver that needs to be plugged in throughout the time that you’re using it? If it is battery operated then that is also easy enough to understand, but make sure that you factor in how much it will cost you to buy replacement batteries.

For many people, the best shaver would be a rechargeable one that is cordless. These obviously give you the freedom of being able to use them wherever you want, plus the flexibility that comes with not having to have it plugged in. The downside is that they will need to be charged relatively frequently, especially if you’re using your shaver every day. Think about whether you’re going to have somewhere you’ll be able to plug it in to charge without your other half complaining about a shaver being in the bedroom, for example, plus what you’ll do if it’s out of battery when you need it.

Think About Cleaning It

Cleaning Philips shaverIf we’re honest, there are plenty of people out there that aren’t great at cleaning things. If you fit into that bracket, you’ll want to think long and hard about how your electric shaver gets cleaned. The reality is that cleaning is a vital part of your shaver’s longevity, so if you know that you’re the sort of person that just won’t clean it then you’ll want to look out for an electric shaver that has the ability to be cleaned using a cleaning station. These advanced models are able to clean themselves, which is a hassle-free way of keeping your shaver in tip-top condition.

Unsurprisingly, such shavers are a little bit pricier than those that need to be manually cleaned. Considering the fact that having a budget is important when it comes to looking for a shaver, you might want to include the difference in cost between a self-cleaning shaver and one that you’ll have to clean yourself. There is also the fact that the cleaning fluid or cleaning cartridges will need to be replaced over time, meaning that there will be an extra cost on top of the shaver itself. This might be fine for you, but it is important to think about when you’re looking at them.

Wet or Dry Shaving?

Wet vs dry shavingWe have already mentioned this a few times, but you will definitely want to put a good amount of thought into whether or not you want a wet or dry shave. There are some electric shavers that are specially designed to be used for wet shaving, meaning that you can add foam or gel to your shaving routine. Of course, the important thing is that you don’t try to do a wet shave with an electric shaver that isn’t designed for the purpose. There are those that can be taken into the shower, for example, but if you do that with one that isn’t designed for it then you’ll just ruin it.

The reality is that the world of electric shavers is your oyster if you want to constantly dry shave, considering the fact that you can do that regardless of the shaver you buy. If you only want to be able to wet shave then you’re obviously limiting your options, which is worth bearing in mind. If you have sensitive skin then you’ll definitely at least want the option of a wet shave, given the extent to which this will stop your skin from becoming too irritated during the shaving process, but the added expense of being able to do this might mean that you decide it’s not for you.

Think About Trimmers

Beard trimmerThe one thing we haven’t mentioned so far is the trimmer. If you’re the sort of person that has a beard and you don’t want to be completely shaving it off, you might want to consider getting a trimmer instead of an electric shaver. As the name suggests, trimmers are designed to keep your beard in order rather than completely get rid of it, usually coming with all sort of different guides that you can pick and choose from until you find one that is the right length. The length options will be really important if you want to avoid being in a situation where you cut your beard too short.

The other thing that is useful about a trimmer is that it allows you to get your beard down to a more manageable length before you attempt to use an electric shaver on it. Electric shavers are designed to keep a relatively shaven beard as clean-shaven as possible, but they can’t take on big beards that haven’t been pre-trimmed. If you tend to like to mix and match between having a beard and being clean-shaven, you might want to have both devices in your locker so that you can do just that in the ultimate convenience, without the need to do anything manually.