How to Prep For the Black Friday Sales

We’re still a ways away from Black Friday just yet, but there are a few things we can do to prepare ourselves for the infamous shopping day. Follow this guide, and you’re sure to get all the good sales come November the 27th.

Take the Day Off

online shoppingIf you intend on doing some Black Friday shopping, you have a couple of options when it comes to work. This first and most obvious answer is taking the day off. Get it cleared with your boss early in case your other colleagues have the same idea. This gives you the entire day to mill around the shops scouting for good deals or ample time to browse away online with no interruptions or phone calls.

Short on holiday? Might we suggest you “work from home” that day? We’re not suggesting you completely sack off your working day, but this gives you some freedom to browse online without your boss looking over your shoulder disapprovingly. And, if you face the crowds, try not to get yourself on the front page of the Metro for snatching the last discounted TV from a poor old woman, will you?

Get Some Good Sleep

Man sleeping peacefullyHere in the United Kingdom, we all have work on Thursday, and, sadly, there is no turkey dinner for us to enjoy that day either. The good thing about this is we’re able to get ample sleep before we hit the streets early to tackle the Black Friday sales. Or, if shopping online, we’re refreshed and ready to wait in a virtual queue with our cuppa in hand. Yes, a select few shops open at midnight, but the majority will open on the morning of the Friday around 8am. It’s important to be refreshed so we can keep our minds clear and our eyes on the prize.

Have Some Caffeine

shopping online with coffeeWhether tea or coffee is your hot beverage of choice, it’s important to stay alert on Black Friday to get the best deals. If you’re waking up early to stand in a queue for two hours, best take that coffee or tea in a to-go cup. Not only will it keep you warm in the early hours of the morning, it will also keep you alert and ready for action. We’re pretty sure if we didn’t have our double shot of espresso and latte last year, we would have fallen asleep and been trampled in the queue.

Do Your Research

Online shopping copyNearer to Black Friday, make sure to have a scout around online to see if the shops you’re planning to buy from have uncovered any of their hot items. The most discounted items will be extremely limited in number and will be quickly picked up by those who have done their research. Many shops do not reveal these items until their shops open on Black Friday, but many will do this when the clock strikes midnight. It might be worth having a gander at your mobile phone from the comfort of your bed so you know what you’re going after. Or, you can just keep an eye on for a comparison of the best Black Friday offers in stores across the United Kingdom!

Prioritise Your Must-Haves

woman with tvBecause Black Friday has so many amazing offers, it’s easy to lose sight of things you may really need or would have wanted to buy had you not already spent the remainder of your paycheck on fiddly things. Come up with your list of must-have purchases and ask yourself what sort of budget you are able to spend on your Black Friday shopping spree. It’s probably best protocol to buy your must-have items first and then have a look around for other, less-important items that you might stumble upon either on the high street or shopping online.