Characters You Might Encounter On A Black Friday Shopping Spree

Black Friday unites a range of characters with one common interest – a good bargain. From old ladies, to peppy women who like to chat, boyfriends dragged along to help carry the bags, and children bored out of their minds. There truly is no limit to who you might encounter on a Black Friday shopping spree.

Below we detail some of these characters to help prepare you for what’s to come. Have you come across any of these people? Or, maybe, just maybe, one of them perfectly describes you.

The disgruntled employee

Disgruntled EmployeeIt’s the day after Thanksgiving and this employee clearly does not want to be at work. They’re happy to have the over-time pay but not so happy to meet the demands of hundreds of shoppers out to make a good deal. On the shop floor, they’re seemingly unhappy to answer your questions, giving you short snippety answers and continually glancing at the clock above them. At the check out, they’re as slow as possible in the hope that people might choose a different check out queue. Instead, customers get angry with them, making matters even worse for them.

At the end of the day, they’ll text their mum to say that no amount of money was worth that nightmare, promising never to work a Black Friday shift again. But, the mum reminds them that that’s what they said last year too…

The woman who uses her elbows

woman shoppingThis woman was toward the end of the queue to get in the shop, but once she makes it inside, she squirrels her way to the front of the media section by using her lanky elbows to knock her competitors out of the way. Her elbows are long and pointy and she clearly uses this to her advantage.

A woman calls her out on it when she’s elbowed in the gut, but the Elbow Woman pleads innocence, secretly knowing she did it on purpose to get the last complete discounted box set of Coronation Street.

The bored kid

bored kidThis kid is too young to care about shopping, but not old enough to stay at home by himself. He follows his mum around the shop, not paying attention and bumping into her every time she stops to look at something. He also incessantly tugs at her dress, telling her how bored he is. He doesn’t even care about the discounted Xbox on offer, because he’s not the one that has to pay for it. How it gets to him doesn’t matter, just so long as it’s under his tree Christmas morning.

He moans and complains when he sees the length of the check out queue and does so until they get to the front. And, when he gets home? Yeah, he’s just as bored.

The boyfriend who was dragged along

Boyfriend shoppingThere are two types of boyfriends dragged along to Black Friday: Brand new boyfriends, trying to impress their new lady and ones that have been around too long to count who frankly just don’t give a damn.

The new boyfriend is positive about everything and comes along purely for the cuddles. He secretly hates the crowds and shopping in general though, but he’ll leave it a while before he reveals the truth. The old boyfriend, however, has been around long enough to be able to complain about the crowds and the chaos. He goes begrudgingly though, as he and his girlfriend now have a joint bank account and he wants to keep an eye on her spending.

Both have one thing in common: To help carry the shopping, which is really the only reason their girlfriend invited them along.

The moody teenager

Moody teenYou’re probably bound to bump into a moody teenager no matter where you go and Black Friday is no exception. The teenager, unlike the bored child, however, was not forced to join in on the shopping day. Given the choice, their mum would have probably preferred it if they stayed home, but the teen insists on going (as if it’s a chore) due to their love of spending money.

The teen complains about every little thing, but secretly loves the chaos and everything about Black Friday. Okay, maybe except for having to wake up early.

The peppy woman in line who won’t shut up

woman gabbingMaybe these types of people only exist in America, but there always seems to be an extraordinarily peppy person on Black Friday. You’ll be standing outside at the crack of dawn in the freezing cold, waiting hours upon hours to even get into the shop and this woman is standing right behind you. She’s insanely peppy for so early in the morning and overly positive about everything. She’ll try to strike up a conversation with you and tell you about all the great deals she managed to find last year. There’s no escape.

She’s been talking your ear off now for the past 3 hours and you give her one-word replies, hoping she’ll just shut up. At last the front doors open and you all make it inside, but when you get to the check out queue, there she is again – telling you about all the great discounts she found.

The deceivingly sweet gran

Sweet granEveryone loves a sweet gran – especially one with a cute Scottish accent. This woman makes it to the front of the queue, despite turning up at the last minute, as everyone around her offers to let her go in front of him or her. ‘Aw, wee lassie, bless your heart’, she’ll say.

She’s sweet, she’s old, everyone clearly loves her – and she uses this to her advantage. She goes up to the young man with the last Kindle in his hand and she sweetly asks him where he found it, so that she can get one for her grandson who is sitting in a hospital bed. The man realizes he has the last one and instantly gives it the gran without a thought. ‘Aw, love, you shouldn’t have’, she says, as she takes the Kindle – a Christmas present for herself.