5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online in the UK This Black Friday

You may have noticed that the UK has picked up on America’s crazy shopping day in the past couple of years. Each year the sales get better here in Great Britain and with better sales, comes shopping chaos, as more and more people brave the crowds to scour for great deals.

But, after reading about some of the horror stories from last year where a television fell on a woman and police had to respond to various incidents and injuries across the country to control the frenzied mobs, we’re thinking we might just do all our shopping online this year. Here are 5 good reasons why you should just shop online this Black Friday:

1. The Deals Online Are Just As Good with the Addition of Coupon Codes

Discount codes

Yeah, there are no doorbusting deals but in the online realm, there are often ‘online-only’ offers, which are equivalent to the ones offered in shops. You’ll also get the same great sales on items online as you would in a shop not only on the Friday but over the entire weekend at the end of November. Many shops will also offer free shipping, but even if they don’t, it’s probably not going to cost more than petrol or a tube journey to the shopping hub.

You also have the option to get even further discounts with coupon codes. And, there should be plenty of discount codes online come the Black Friday sales – just try searching the name of the shop you’re using and ‘discount codes’ to see if you can get any further money off.

2. You Can Sleep In & Stay In Your Jam Jams

Woman in bed with breakfast and laptop

If you want to get the doorbusting deals in shops, you’re probably going to have to queue up outside the shop well before it opens – otherwise forget about it, as these are extremely limited in number. And, many of the shops open early at 8am. So, with the crazies apt to get the great deal, they’ve probably arrived an hour (if not two) before 8. Really, you should aim to be there at 6am, which means waking up at an ungodly hour. OR you can just stay in bed in your pajamas with a hot cuppa and order from your mobile or laptop.

3. A TV Will Not Fall On You

TV falling

Yes, last year a woman in Stretford was actually injured when a television fell on her inside a shop in the frantic disarray that is Black Friday. We can almost guarantee that will not happen to you in your own home should you decide to shop online (unless you have an angry roommate).

4. There is Way More Inventory Online

Plentiful inventory online

In the virtual shopping realm, stock is always much more plentiful than what you’ll find in your local shops. You’re sure to find the right size or a great deal on electronics, as the stock just doesn’t run out as quickly. How many televisions can a small shop hold? When you shop online, however, the stock is almost endless!

5. You Will End the Day Not Hating Mankind

Family shopping online

With all the chaos that we read about in the news last year, it’s probably best to just avoid it all together and shop in peace from the comfort of your couch. You might read about the crazy shoppers in the news, yes, but at least you don’t have to witness it first hand, be involved in any way, or even worse – get injured! You will end the day much happier, knowing that you still got a great deal, your parcel is safely on its way to you, and you don’t have to deal with the crazies.

If that doesn’t persuade you, here are some of the notable incidents that ensued in the 2014 sales in the UK:

  • A man in Salford threatened to smash his colleague’s face in
  • A woman in Manchester broke her wrist in the frenzy
  • Older customers were knocked to the ground in Wembley and others were literally fighting over a television (we’re talking grabbing it from one another)
  • Police were called to angry mobs around the country, including Manchester, London, and Cardiff specifically

And, for those that brave the crowds, anyway? Best of luck! Be strong.