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Blow dryerHair care is an important part of our daily regime and the last thing anyone ever wants is for their hair dryer to malfunction whilst getting ready for work in the morning. Other hair styling items include the all-important hair straightener to make your hair appear sleek and smooth, as well as the curling iron for those special nights out. Popular hair-care brands include: ghd, BaByliss, John Frieda, Total Hair Experts (THX), Nicky Clark, Toni & Guy, and Remington just to name some.

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Hair Dryers Buying Guide

Woman using hair dryer

If you think that hair dyers are all the same, you’re probably not alone in your assumption. In one sense, you would be right. Hair dryers have a specific aim, which is to dry your hair. The reality is, though, that how they go about that task can be very different from one device to the next. Yes, they are arguably the most basic of hair-styling tools, but doing your research to get the right one for your hair and your hair-styling needs can both save you money in the long-run and ensure that you get flawless looking hair each and every time you use your hair dryer.

You probably know that picking the right hair dryer for your hair type is important, but there are numerous other aspects of a hair dryer that you should also think about. The power that your hair dryer has is important, especially if you have longer or thicker hair. Being able to adjust the heat will give you more options when it comes to styling your hair, whilst picking a hair dryer that is lighter and more ergonomically designed will allow you to hold it for longer as you go through the process of getting yourself ready for work, a night out or before you head on a date.

Think About Your Hair Type

This is a subject that we’ll come back to repeatedly over the course of this page on hair appliances, largely because it is one of the defining factors of what it is that you’re looking for. Not all hair dryers suit all hair types, so you will want to make sure that you get one that is right for your personal needs. If, for example, you tend to have hair that is a little on the thin side, you’ll want to get a dryer that is able to add volume to it. On the other hand, those will curly hair might want a hair dryer with a diffuser and people with dull or frizzy hair should look for ionic hair dryers.

Power Can Be Key

There is an argument that you should be looking at the power of your hair dryer before you consider anything else. Again, it goes back to your hair type, considering the fact that thicker and longer hair will need a more powerful hair dryer to cope with what it’s being asked to dry. By the same token, someone that naturally tends to have drier hair will need to be wary of not getting a hair dryer that is too power, given the fact that that is more likely to damage such hair types. There are hair dryers with power ratings for specific hair types, so make sure you look for the tight one.

Consider the Weight

How do you tend to cope with holding your arm in one position for an extended period of time? Now think about how you get on when you’re also having to hold something. Those of you that go to the gym all of the time or lift weights regularly might not be too concerned about this, but if you’re the sort of person that knows that your upper-body strength isn’t as good as it could be, you might want to think about how heavy the hair dryer is that you’re considering buying. There are certainly some that are lighter than others, so that is worth bearing in mind.


Just as the hair dryer’s weight is important when you consider how long you’re going to have to hold it for as you dry your hair, so too is the design of the device crucial to get the most out of your hair drying experience. Some of the hair dryers on the market are more ergonomically designed than others, which can be important when you’re spending a long time using them. Also, there are some that you can fold down in order to easily pack them into your luggage before you go on holiday or head away for a long weekend, but will you want to use that type of hair dryer all the time?

Think About Attachments

One of the primary functions of the hair dryer is to aid in the styling of your hair. That might sound simple enough, but it is always worth keeping at the forefront of your mind. That is because some hair dryers boast the ability to add attachments that make that process much easier. You might want to add a concentrator nozzle, for example, or look to put a diffuser on the hair dryer. How easy are they to get on and off? How many can you use with your specific hair dryer? These are all the sorts of questions that you should be asking yourself before you buy your dryer.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

The whole point of a hair dryer is that… well, it dries hair. In order to do this, it puts heat into your hair in order to get it dry. We will talk more about these technologies when we look at hair straighteners shortly, but there are some hair dryers that utilise the likes of ceramic and Tourmaline in their build in order to protect your hair as much as possible. There are also some hair dryers that have a cool shot button, which works to help ‘set’ your style in the way that you want it, so do look out for whether or not your hair dryer of choice offers this function.

Hair Straighteners Buying Guide

Woman using hair straighteners

If you want to get your hair looking straight and get rid of your kinds, the best thing that you can do is get hold of some hair straighteners. That, of course, is easier said than done, with plenty of different options on the market. If you’re predominantly interested in some ghds then we’ve got a page dedicated to the ghd brand elsewhere on this site. What we’re interested in here is the sort of things you should be looking out for when you take to the shops to get yourself a new pair of hair straighteners. For some, they are invaluable, taming hair that would otherwise be frizzy and unmanageable.

The good news is that there are a wealth of different options out in the hair straightener world, but the bad news is that that means that you really have to think about what it is that you’re looking for in order to narrow down your options. What you’ll be after if your only goal is to get sleek hair that is straight and shiny will be entirely different to what you’ll be looking for if you also want to be able to curl your hair with the device you choose, for example. It is absolutely worth spending time weighing up your options, though, because a good hair straightener will last for years.

What Sort of Hair Do You Have?

The first question that you’ll need to ask yourself is probably the most important: what sort of hair do you have? Everyone knows their own hair, so having a good grip on yours will be key to getting the right straighteners. If you know, for example, that your hair is naturally really curly then you’ll want to look for straighteners that are designed to help you limit your curl. If you have thick hair, on the other hand, then the sort of straighteners you will be looking for will be different again. That is the nature of the hair straightener market, with the benefit being that you can get the right pair for you.

Some people will want to use their straighteners as curlers, which will mean that they’ll have to be able to hit a different heat level to someone literally just wanting to be able to straighten their hair. The length of your hair will be another factor that you’ll have to consider, given the fact that shorter hair will obviously be easier to straighten but a little bit less malleable as you’ll have less to work with. Whatever your hair type is, make sure that you read what the manufacturer has to say about the particular model of hair straightener that you’re looking at regarding your specific hair type.

Ceramic Straighteners

Ceramic StraightenerSome of the most popular hair straighteners on the market nowadays are ceramic. These are good regardless of your hair type and there will be some out there for any budget. Heated ceramic plates are able to provide you with professional-looking hair pretty much straight out of the box. If you are worried about the damage that heat can do to your hair then you’ll want to look out for ceramic hair straighteners that are coated in Tourmaline, a mineral that tend to react negatively with heat and therefore works well to protect your hair as you straighten it, closing the cuticles.

Straightening Brushes

Straightening brushIf you’re someone that has quite thick hair, one of the things you might want to consider is a hair straightening brush. These are perfect for hair that isn’t so easy to manage, boasting bristles that are ceramic coated as well as numerous different settings for various hair types. They heat up quickly, meaning that you can start using them in minutes and can work through your hair for a nice smooth finish. If you have struggled to get the best out of traditional hair straighteners in the past, a straightening brush might just be the twist on the classic that you’ve been looking for.

Travel Straighteners

Travel straightenerAs technology develops, so does the ability to make things smaller and smaller. Travel straighteners, also called nano straighteners in some quarters, give you the ability to throw something into your luggage in order to beautify yourself on-the-go. Those with long and full heads of hair might struggle to make these work because they lack a lot of the power of more traditional hair straighteners, but for most people their ability to heat up quickly and the ceramic plates that they come with will be more than good enough for their hair straightening needs.

Think About Shape

For most people, the standard flat hair straightener will be more than good enough. If, however, you’re the sort of person that we mentioned before that would like to double-up your straighteners as some curling irons, you will want to look out for straighteners with an edge that it slightly rounded. That includes the edges of the plates, given the fact that it will allow you to turn your hair more easily, offering the chance to add some curls to your look. You are less likely to be able to do that with completely straight straighteners, although they will give you slightly straighter hair.

Plate Width Matters

Those of you with thicker, longer hair might benefit from getting some straighteners with wider plates. As you might imagine, the wider the plate is, the more hair can be gathered into them as you’re using the straighteners. This can mean that you’ll need to make fewer passes, resulting in less likelihood of damage to your hair. That being said, those with short or more fine hair will want to avoid the wider plates because using them will mean that your hair is in touch with the heat for longer, which will increase the possibility of doing damage to your hair as you use them.

Curlers Buying Guide

Hair curling iron

For some people, the fact that they’ve got naturally curly hair is an irritant, whilst they get jealous looks from others. There is a desire to be able to add curls to the hair repertoire of those that normally have really straight hair, just as those naturally curly people are desperate to be able to make it straight. You can, of course, use your straighteners to be able to add some curl to your hair, but they aren’t designed for the job. If you want to do it properly and be able to be a bit more artistic with your choices as you go, your best bet is to get hold of a set of hair curlers.

In one sense, you would be right in thinking that curling irons, sometimes referred to as a curling wand, are relatively simplistic devices. As we’ve already established on this page, though, that all depending on what it is you’re hoping to use them for and whether you want to get more out of them than just putting them in your hair and hoping you can give it some nice curls. Just as with hair dryers and hair straighteners, hair curlers come in several different shapes and sizes and you will need to make sure that you get the right type if you want to give your hair the best possible look.

Different Types for Different Hair

It is perhaps not all that surprising to those of you that have read this piece that the technology involved in making curlers is such that there are several different types on offer. Which one will be best for you is dependent on your hair type. Given that you can not only choose between different technology within the curlers but also different styles of curler, it is important to ensure that you’re getting the one that will best suit you and your hair type. The technology all offers something different, whilst the design of the curler also allows for different approaches to your hair.

Ceramic Curlers

Ceramic curlerIf you’ve read the rest of this page then you won’t be surprised to see the word ‘ceramic’ pop up when it comes to the technology available in some curlers. Ceramic curlers offer you a consistent temperature throughout, which is really important when you’re looking for a smooth glide as you use it. They also tend to heat up really quickly, making it the ideal technology for people that are in a rush and keen to be able to get their hair curled as quickly as possible. The other key thing about ceramic is that it is a good material for all hair types, meaning you don’t have to worry if friends want to borrow them.


Titanium curlerAnyone paying attention to how Apple market their phones will know the word ‘titanium,’ given the fact that they used it to build the iPhone 15. It is a material that is both lightweight and durable, promising heating that reaches a higher temperature than any of the other materials that curlers are made from. It is efficient at curling even the most stubborn of hair, meaning that if yours is thick, unruly or coarse then a titanium curler might be just the trick. Professionals are mostly starting to turn to titanium curlers now, which gives you some sense of how good they are.


Tourmaline CurlerThe other main form of material that curlers are being made from nowadays is Tourmaline. This material works to release negative ions in order to smoother the hair’s cuticles, meaning that it can eliminate frizz. One of the key factors of Tourmaline is that it can achieve impressive results at low temperatures. This is perfect for people with fine hair, which might struggle to cope with the higher temperatures of the likes of titanium and ceramic curlers. If you want hair that can look smooth and shiny then Tourmaline-based curlers are probably the type that you should be looking at.

What Type of Curler Should You Get?

When it comes to hair curlers, not all are made equal. There are numerous different types of curlers that each offer you something that the others don’t. Weighing up which one is right for you might just be key to ensuring that you get exactly the look from your hair that you’re after.


Curling tongs boast a spring-loaded clamp that make them easier to use. The main benefit of them is that they promise a uniform curl over the length of your hair. You might be wondering what the downside is, with the answer being that the spring-loaded grip does run the risk of damaging ends as you use it.


Whilst most people of a certain age grew up with Harry Potter and might be imagining that that is what we refer to when we talk of a ‘wand,’ the curling wand is similar to tongs but lack a clamp. As a result, you need to curl your hair around it manually. This means that it won’t leave a crease or a crink, but curling is much more difficult and might take some time to master.

Conical Curlers

These are, as the name suggests, cone-shaped. They create the most natural of curls, which are longer at the root and then smaller towards the end of the hair. Again, they won’t be the easiest of things to learn to use, but once you’ve mastered them your hair will look amazing.

Elliptical Curlers

If you want to create uniform curls over the length of your hair then an elliptical curler might be right for you. They are round in nature, promising an even curl because of their shape.

Automatic Curlers

If we’re honest, something that happens automatically sounds really appealing when it comes to your hair. As a result, automatic curlers might be right up your alley, given the fact that they are easy to handle and take the stress out of having to get your hair around the curler.