Black Friday 2019Based on all the data from the specific deals we catalogued here on during the November 2018 sale, we've come up with some tables organised by category to show you approximately how much you might be able to expect to save in 2019.

We have also highlighted the top saving found in our data from Black Friday 2018 with a bit of an explanation in the text, detailing what exactly that saving was on. Whilst we can't know for sure what will be on offer this year, we can surely make some educated assumptions based on what we saw last year.

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Laptop, tablet & phone

Here we take a closer look at what items exactly were on sale in 2018's Black Friday and the top technology deals we found in our search.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
Televisions 36% 60%
Laptops 31% 47%
Tablets 43% 84%
Kindles 26% 27%
Soundbars 51% 60%
Sonos 13% 18%
Smart Phones (Non-Apple) 49% 69%
Smart Speakers 36% 60%
Smart Thermostats 28% 40%
Fitbits 36% 46%
Other Fitness Trackers 48% 81%
Printers 55% 77%
Sat Navs 35% 38%
Cameras & Camcorders 37% 67%
Mobile Broadband 60% 83%


TelevisionsThe top television deal we found in 2018's Black Friday sale was an LG OLED77G7V 77" Smart 4K HDR OLED TV at Curry's, marked down by an impressive 60%. Other great deals included a Panasonic TX-55AS650B 55" 1080p Full HD 3D LED Smart TV at Appliances Direct marked down by 50% and a good selection of Sony televisions marked down at Amazon by up to 50%.

Unless you were looking to splash quite a bit of cash on that LG 77", the average person was not going to benefit from that 60% saving, unfortunately. So, we suggest keeping your eye out on Amazon, as their sale offered up to 50% off selected Sony televisions, so included a wider selection of models to meet some more reasonable prices ranges. This Black Friday, we think you can expect to save at least 40% on a television and 50% if you're lucky enough to find the exact model you want reduced by half.


SoundbarsFor non-Sonos soundbars, there were plenty of steals on Samsung, Panasonic, LG and JVC brands. The top deals in 2018 were a JVC TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar and a PANASONIC SC-HTB208EBK 2.0 Wireless Compact Sound Bar both at Curry's for 60% off. Another notable deal included a SAMSUNG Sound+ All-in-One Sound Bar at Curry's for 57% off. Needless to say, Curry's will be our go-to for soundbars in 2019.


Sonos SoundbarFor Sonos, we saw an average of 13% off with a top saving of 18% with the 18% saving being on the Sonos One with Alexa at Amazon. Whilst we couldn't find any deals on Sonos soundbars last year, there was 14% off a Sonos Playbase at Littlewoods. Expect a small saving on the latest Sonos products and up to 18% on older models & speakers.


Laptops ComputersLaptops and computers in the Black Friday sale are a tricky item to generalise in one paragraph. Everyone is in the market for something different and usually knows exactly what they want. Our site displayed some of the better deals on laptops over the 2018 sales, but the data set only included ones with the top reductions rather than including every brand of laptop imaginable.

Brands that tended to be on sale included HP, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft and Acer. The top deal at 47% off was a Acer ES Intel Celeron N3350 2GB 32GB SSD 11.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop from Laptops Direct with a close second place on a LENOVO Ideapad 330-15IKB 15.6" Intel® Core™ i3 Laptop - 1 TB, marked down by 46%. The figures here did not account for Apple laptops, so for more information on Macbooks, check out our breakdown below.

Tablets & Kindles

TabletYou'll notice that the top deal on a (non-Apple) tablet was a whopping 84%, but this was probably a brand you've never heard of before. It was on a BTC Flame UK Quad Core 7" Tablet PC 8GB HDD at Amazon. That definitely seemed like an outlier with most tablets reduced by around 30-40% in the sale with actual recognisable brands including an Amazon Fire for 40% off and a Google Pixelbook for 30% at Argos, and a Kurio Android tablet for 37% off at Laptops Direct.

In terms of Kindles, go to Amazon. They make the brand, after all, so it's fair enough that they are the ones with the best Black Friday deals. The all-new (in 2018) waterproof paperwhite Kindle was marked down by 25% and the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, 6" was marked down by 27%. For Apple iPads, check out our summary below.

Smart Phones

smart phones tech catLike laptops, it's hard to give a clear picture of what you can actually save on smart phones, given that there are just so many on the market and anyone looking to upgrade their current phone will likely have a very specific idea of what they want. If you're just after a good deal though, of the non-Apple smart phones we displayed on the site in 2018, we found a Grade C Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Peach Cloud 5.2" 32GB 4G at Laptops Direct for 69% off and a Grade C Sony Xperia XZ Mineral Black 5.2" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free for 65% off also at Laptops Direct. There was also a HUAWEI P20 - 128 GB for 50% off at Curry's and a Sim Free Sony Xperia XZ Premium Mobile Phone at Argos for 49% off. For Apple iPhones specifically, have a read of our dedicated section below.

Smart Technology: Speakers, Heating, Door Bells, Cameras

smart doorbellFor smart speakers we found an average saving of 36% with the top saving of 60% on a Amazon Echo Dot Smart Device with Alexa Voice Recognition at John Lewis. John Lewis and Curry's both also had 40% off a Google Home Mini.

In terms of smart heating, we found an average saving of 28% with the top 40% off saving being on a popular Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat with Professional Installation at Amazon. If you're looking for Nest specifically, Argos and Curry's had 22% off this extremely popular brand, which was probably the best we were going to see.

Unfortunately, we don't have any data for door bells and security cameras at this time, as these were recent categories added to in 2019. Given their popularity at the moment though, we can probably expect a token 20% off the top brands and likely a bit more on the cheaper, lesser known brands. We'll be turning to Amazon, Argos and Curry's again this year when it comes to smart tech.


AppleEveryone always asks us where they can find the best deal for Apple products in the Black Friday sales, but the reality is that Apple just do not discount their latest products, because, well, they don't need to… we do tend to see reasonable discounts for older generations though with only a token £20 off on newer products if you're lucky.

Apple Laptops

macbook pro 2018For Macbooks, we saw between £100 and £200 off on slightly older models at places like Argos & John Lewis with a whopping 73% off on older generation Apple iMac desktop with a keyboard and mouse included at Living Social. On the latest models, however, we just didn't see any savings.


iphone 2018For iPhones, there was an average saving of 18% with a top saving of 40%, but again, these were all on older models. There was, however, 11% off the iPhone X in last year's sale, which was technically the newest iPhone on the market, but as this came out in 2017, it was already a year old in last year's Black Friday sale.

It's unlikely we'll see any reductions on the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro this year, however, as this was only released on the 20th of September. But, do expect to see some decent savings on the older generation iPhones in 2019.


ipad 2018For iPads, we found an average saving of 13% with a top saving of 25% in the 2018 sale. The 25% saving was, again, on an older version released in 2015 – the iPad Mini 4 – so, more realistically, you're probably only going to save yourself about £20 on any newer iPads. If you're not bothered about having the latest model though, you can likely save up to 25%.

Apple Watch

apple watch 2018The best deal we saw on the most current Apple Watches in the 2018 Black Friday sale was £30 off at John Lewis. Whilst the watch retails from £399 upwards, it may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but with the most current Apple products, and for something as new and popular as the Apple Watch, we'll take what we can get.

With Apple Watch 5 only being released in September 2019, we won't expect a huge discount (if any) but let's hope they give us a token discount to make us feel like we got a good deal. In terms of Series 3 & 4, however, we should expect a fair few quid off these older versions in the 2019 sales.


FitbitFitbit seems to be dwindling these days in a heavily populated Apple Watch market, so the savings on these products seem to be increasing with each Black Friday and expect decent savings in 2019 to raise awareness for the brand. Last year, in 2018, we saw an average saving of 36% with up to 46% off the popular Fitbit fitness trackers. Of course a lot of these were on slightly older models but there were also a fair few savings on the newer models, as well. The top saving found in 2018 was on the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate at Amazon, marked down by 46%.

Other Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackersThe impressive 81% off on non-apple and non-Fitbit trackers was on a Jawbone UP3 Wristband at Zavvi. This is an older model, but as it was originally £149.99 and marked down to just £27.99, we think this is a great deal. Top savings tended to be on Jawbones and TomTom trackers, but we also saw some okay deals on Samsung Gear watches.


Gaming Consoles

Normally we turn to Game for all our Black Friday gaming console needs, but in 2018, we were slightly annoyed with their online queuing system and their mediocre deals. This year, we hold out hope for something better, but we've been continually disappointed with the gaming console offerings the past few years from everyone if we are completely honest. Don't be too quick to the punch in making your purchase though, as in 2018, just as soon as Game released their bundle deals, Curry's undercut them on all Xbox bundles.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
PSVR 17% 40%
PS4 Pro 20% 34%
Xbox One S 32% 48%
Xbox One X 18% 40%
Nintendo Switch 13% 16%


xbox one sIn 2018, Curry's had the best deals on Xbox with 40% off an Xbox One X console + games bundle and 48% off an Xbox One S console + games bundle. Of course they waited to see what Game offered just before they undercut them on all of these bundles. We'd recommend waiting for Game's deals to go live and then see how Curry's responds before you buy anything… that is, if you can get anything on Game's website to load.


ps4 pro newDon't write off Game just yet though because they still dominated the sales when it came to PS4 console + games bundles, offering the best deals out of all of their competitors here in the UK. That deal was 34% off a PS4 Pro 1TB White GT Sport, COD WII, Overwatch & NOW TV 2 Month Pass – not fantastic, but we'll take it! We'd like to see at least 40% off this year to match what we could find on Xbox, but only time will tell what happens.


nintendo switch cat imageFor Nintendo Switch and Nintendo DS, the best 2018 Black Friday deals were also at Game. Whilst they weren't exactly noteworthy, they were the best prices we found in our search.

Health & Beauty

Beauty Electricals

We always see great savings on Black Friday when it comes to beauty products and electricals. In fact, it's probably the best time of year to purchase these items, as the sales on Black Friday trump the regular sales throughout the year. Let's take a look at what you might find on some of the more popular items.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
ghd 17% 27%
Other Hair Electricals 41% 64%
Electric Toothbrushes 62% 70%
Electric Shavers/Razors 55% 64%
Perfume 42% 65%
Aftershave 39% 50%
Protein 55% 60%


ghdWhilst electric toothbrushes always seem to be on offer throughout the year, it's relatively rare to find a deal on the ever coveted ghd hair straightener – the crème de la crème of the hair straightening world. You can, however, expect to save up to 27% on Black Friday with the best deal in 2018 being at John Lewis on the original black ghd straightener. John Lewis also offered 18% off the curl tong and wave wand, which was the best we saw in 2018. And, for the IV Professional Styler, the best deal was at Amazon with 18% off the retail value.

Electric Toothbrushes & Razors

Electric toothbrushYou might be thinking, "I can get a good deal year round on electric toothbrushes", but after analysing the data from Black Friday 2018 in comparison with the regular sales throughout the year, it seems you'll actually save a bit more during Black Friday. We're talking up to 70% off on popular products like the Philips Sonicare HX9351/52 Black DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush, originally retailed for £299 and during Black Friday 2018 on sale for just £90. During a regular sale, it retails for around £120, so you are saving an additional £30 on Black Friday.

The same goes for electric razors with the top saving of 64% off a Braun Series 3 3040s Wet & Dry Shaver at Boots. Expect big savings on razors and we say avoid anything that's less than 50% off. Boots will be your best bet with other shops, such as Amazon and Argos, trailing their heels.

Perfume & Cologne

PerfumeBlack Friday is a great time to re-stock your perfume or cologne with an average saving of 42% on popular brands. In 2018, Amazon offered up to 65% off, but we found the selection that were actually reduced by 65% to be quite thin, so we think something in the region of 40-50% off would be both a decent and realistic saving. And, on Black Friday, we find that the selection of name brand perfumes and colognes is far wider than regular sales throughout the year. Keep an eye on Boots and Amazon for the best deals in 2019.

Home Appliances & Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

Black Friday is a brilliant time to save on large home appliances and kitchen gadgets, as shops like Curry's, which admittedly have great sales year-round, reduce their prices even further during the notorious sales. Let's have a closer look at the more popular items and what / where you can expect to save in this year's sales.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
Washing Machines 35% 44%
Tumble Dryers 35% 44%
Vacuum Cleaners 46% 65%
Coffee Machines 51% 71%
Kitchen Gadgets 47% 78%
Fridge Freezers 32% 42%
Cookers & Hobs 28% 67%
Microwaves 50% 56%

Washing Machines & Dryers

Washing MachineExpect to save somewhere between 35 and 45% on both washers and dryers in the upcoming sales. This is exactly what we found in 2018 and we are happy to report that the famous Samsung ecobubble washing machines were included in these figures. Originally on sale for £599, Curry's slashed selected Samsung washing machines to £349, which is a 42% saving.

Whilst we didn't see any Samsung dryers on sale, there were still some amazing deals with 40% off the popular AEG at, again, Curry's and 42% off a Hoover Dynamic dryer at Littlewoods. Our number one suggestion is Curry's with Littlewoods trailing the way with some top notch deals in 2018.


Vacuum CleanerLike electric toothbrushes, vacuums are also heavily discounted on Black Friday with an average saving of 46% from our 2018 data set and a top deal of 65%. We're sorry to say the top deal was not in fact on a Dyson, but rather a BOSCH Athlet RunTime Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from Curry's. We still saw some pretty good deals on Dyson though with 50% off a DYSON V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at both Curry's and Argos, as well as 47% off the Dyson DC55 Total Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – again, at Curry's.

There were also some noteworthy deals on VAX too with an impressive 60% off at Debenhams on the 'SlimVac' cordless vacuum cleaner and 56% off the VAX Slim Vac 18V TBTTV1D1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at Curry's. Needless to say, we'll be heading to Curry's first and foremost for our 2019 Black Friday vacuum fix.

Coffee Machines

Coffee MachinesCoffee machines are another heavily discounted Black Friday item with up to 71% off in 2018. That 71% was off a NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine by Krups at Amazon and was only available until products ran out. Nescafe discounts seemed to dominate the 2018 sale in terms of coffee machines but we saw 45% off a Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Espresso Coffee Machine at John Lewis and well over 50% on many other popular brands like Bosch, Delonghi, and Morphy Richards. We suggest heading to John Lewis, Amazon or Curry's in your coffee machine search.

KitchenAid Mixers

kitchen aid mixer catThe super useful and gorgeous KitchenAid mixer was marked down in 2018's sale by 50% Curry's, but the annoying thing we find about these discounts is that they're only ever on certain colours. The 50% off was actually on a brown KitchenAid mixer in 2018 – they call it Café Latte, which sounds a bit better – but you could get 40% off at Littlewoods on the more popular Candy Apple Red or 45% off at Debenhams on the Metallic version.

It really just depends on what colour you're looking for and the colours on offer for 2019 are anyone's guess! But, if you're not bothered by the brand, there were tons of discounts on Kenwood mixers across a range of colours with up to 54% off in 2018.

Other Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadget air fryerThe 78% saving we found on kitchen gadgets was, unexcitingly, on a Morphy Richards Electric Spiralizer 432020 2 blades Spaghetti and Ribbons. This is definitely an outlier and one that you may be able to swag at other times of the year, given that no one really wants or needs a spiralizer. Actual notable items on sale included Tefal pans marked down by 50% at John Lewis and a SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker for 60% off at Boots surprisingly.

We were impressed with John Lewis with their sale on up to 50% off glassware, which included the gorgeous Dartington and Eclat Paris, as well as up to 40% off a good selection of the Le Creuset range. If you're in the market for an air fryer, Black Friday might a good time to purchase this, as well, with Littlewoods reducing one in the 2018 by 47%. A George Foreman grill was also up for grabs at Debenhams for 54% off. These are all deals we displayed on our site and there are ample more examples, so if you're looking for something in particular and want to know where to find the best deal, just pop us a message and we'll keep an eye out for you in our 2019 search.

Toys & Baby


Because toys and baby items are so specific – we could do a whole site on just these items! – it's hard to know exactly what you're going to save depending on what you're looking for. The averages and top saving is based solely on the data we displayed on our site in 2018, which included a lot of general sales rather than specific items.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
Toys & Games 43% 60%
Baby & Child 45% 60%

If you're an aunt or uncle and just want a toy in the right age range, Black Friday is the best time to do it with places like Amazon and ELC slashing their toy prices "up to 60%". The ones marked down by 60% are probably not going to be 2019's most popular toys, but you'll find some great gems and decent deals on the toys your kids have asked Santa for.

If you are lucky enough to be expecting around the time of Black Friday, you are going to save on some prime baby gear. Some great deals we saw in 2018 included: Save up to 35% on Selected Pushchairs at Kiddicare, save up to 60% off all baby toys at the Early Learning Centre and a Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set marked down by 54% at Kiddicare. We also saw a free Cybex Anton car seat with the purchase of selected pushchairs at Mothercare (now under administration), which is a £120 value.


Mother & son enjoying a spa day experience

Experiences are a great present for that friend or loved one who has everything and needs nothing and Black Friday is the prime time to buy these.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
Experiences 57% 87%

If you're not saving at least 50%, look elsewhere, because the average saving we found was 57% with the top saving being 87% off a pet photoshoot at Virgin Experience Days. Other top deals included a Luxury Spa Day with Treatments & Champagne for Two at 5*Athenaeum Hotel, Mayfair for 63% off and Four Supercar Blast plus High Speed Passenger Ride and Photo for 58% off – both through Virgin Experience Days. If you ever wanted to take a balloon flight, Virgin offered 50% off for the first 100 customers on Black Friday only in 2018, so we expect something similar again this year.

Clothing, Accessories & Shoes

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

In the 2018 sale, we listed general deals for clothing, shoes & accessories rather than specific clothing items, because, well, everyone has such different taste, it's impossible to know what to display so specifically.

CategoriesAverage 2018 SavingsTop 2018 Savings
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories 35% 50%

Up to 50% off selected shoes and boots were all the rage in 2018 with Debenhams, John Lewis and Tom's all offering this deal in 2018. You'll find that all the department stores tend to mark down different departments throughout the week of Black Friday with 30% off here, 40% off here, 50% there.

It changes daily, so be sure to have a look at your department store of choice early in the week on Black Friday to see what they've got on. Whilst partywear might be on sale one day, the next could be PJs, children's wear, jewellery, etc.! For clothing, we recommend checking out ASOS, John Lewis, Debenhams, and Littlewoods for starters.