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airplaneBlack Friday brings a range of great deals and offers across the board with travel being no exception. In Black Fridays gone, sent out discount codes on Black Friday ranging from about 7% off up to 99% off hotel stays. Some lucky people even received vouchers for £250 or £500 off, however, these were extremely limited.

Whilst there’s no way of knowing what the next year’s sales will bring, as the deals are never generally released until the day, we’ve come up with where you should be looking for travel deals.

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Where to Find Black Friday Holiday Deals

Travel & Holidays

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller who is constantly on the move or a family that struggles to get away as much as you’d like, there’s nothing quite like notion of getting away from the tedium of normal life for a while. Whether it be taking an all expenses paid trip to some far flung destination or simply booking a nice hotel with a spa for a spot of rest and relaxation, finding a good deal is key to feeling like you’ve made the most of your break.

Here we’ll have a look at some of the best websites that are worth checking out for a decent holiday deal. Some of them specialise in hotels alone but can do holiday packages, whilst others want to be seen as an online equivalent to your personal travel agent. As is the case with most areas of retail nowadays, some of these sites are taking longer than others to clock on to the Black Friday phenomenon. They’re still worth having a look at, however, as they offer good deals all year round.

There’s nothing quite like a website with a snappy, easy to understand title that does exactly what it says. is just that with offers on hotel stays available all year round. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay then you can simply search by an area and have a look what’s on offer. However if you’d like to be a bit more adventurous, then you can have a look at their last minute deals and see where you can end up within your budget.

Not content with keeping you amused thanks to cheap prices and good last minute offers, there are also a number of other things to tempt you to send your business the way of You can save up to 50% off if you take advantage of their Deal of the Day, for example. How about staying ten nights and getting an eleventh for free? Like a loyalty card for a coffee shop but with a hotel bed instead of a Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha at the end of it all.

If you’re wondering what sort of offer they might put out for Black Friday then we can look to last year to give us some clues. Not content with merely giving a block discount across the board, they made everything a bit more exciting and gave different offers to different people. You simply gave them your email address and in return they sent through a code at random that offered anything up to 99% off a hotel stay. The minimum amount people got knocked off their bill was 7% and they also sent out vouchers for £250 or even £500 of your stay.

They may not offer the same thing this time around, but they might do something like send you a €5 note which is worth about £6 billion in the current economy… Ok, so that might not be true, but given that last year some people got a £1000 hotel stay for a tenner, it will definitely be worth heading to this year to see what’s going on. was set up to help hotels flog the rooms that they hadn’t been able to fill for a cheaper price in order to make sure someone made use of them. Nowadays, they’ve branched out to offer everything from city breaks to flights, villas to comedy nights. In short, they’re no longer just about hotel rooms that would otherwise be empty.

Now there’s no guarantee that will be doing an offer on Black Friday this year, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon all hope of finding somewhere good to stay for cheap. Quite the opposite, in fact. Their Top Secret Hotel offer is genuinely excellent. You pick the area you want to stay and the star rating of the hotel you’re hoping to go to and they’ll pick one from their database that ticks all of the boxes. The only thing is that you won’t know which hotel you’ll be staying at until it’s too late.

Of course it’s been known for people to figure out which hotel it is from the description. If it says something like ‘This venue has armed guards outside the gate and the Queen sleeps in the fifth room on the right’, for example, you can probably assume that it’s Buckingham Palace*. If you’re clever, therefore, you can work out where you might be staying and decide if it’s the place for you.

The Top Secret Hotels offer up to 40% off the full price of a hotel stay, which is really quite impressive when you think about it. Just because you don’t know where you’re going you can get a really nice stay in a top hotel with more than a third off the cost. It’s not just chain hotels that take part either, with independent hotels also known to offer their boutique wares at exceptional prices. It all adds to the fun and the mischief!