Toys & Games Guide: Top Kids Toys for Christmas 2018

Top Toys 2018We’ve compiled a list of what we think will be the top selling toys this Christmas 2018 based on data from major toy selling retailers. For whatever reason, the unicorn is back with a bang and kids cannot get enough of it, so we’ve even included a section dedicated to all things unicorn, showcasing the top unicorn toys on the market, including one that… errr… poos rainbow slime! There are also loads of dinosaurs, robots, and weird looking creatures.

So far we’re not seeing any obvious sell-outs like 2017’s ever-coveted Luvabella Doll, which was already low in stock in the months leading up to Christmas, but as Santa hasn’t received many letters yet, it might just be too early to tell.

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Please Note: Prices & availability are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.

Top 2018 Action Toys

Whether it’s a dream of taking on the bad guys or simply a desire to get involved in the fun-filled world of action heroes, these toys offer the opportunity to let your imagination run wild. There are options for every age, so as long as you know how old the person is you’re buying for then you’ll be able to find something on the list that’s suitable.

This section is for the boys and girls (and grown-ups!) that want their toys to be a little bit more involved, to offer them something a tad more exciting than run-of-the-mill offerings you might find elsewhere. Whether it’s playing cops and robbers or jumping to the rescue of a stranded soul, these toys are bound to entertain.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro (Pack of 2)

For ages 8+ | £39.99 from Amazon (Normally £44.99)

Nerf Laser Ops ProNerf continue to develop toys that thrill and excite, with the Nerf Laser Ops Pro being no exception. This gives two users a chance to face each other in an infrared gun battle, even offering the ability to view real-time information within an accompanying mobile phone application. The pack includes two weapons, but they can be linked to others to let you play team battles. If you ever played laser-tag then you’ll know what these are about.

Paw Patrol Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck Play Set

For ages 3+ | £68.50 from Amazon (Normally £69.99)

Paw Patrol Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck Play SetPaw Patrol is probably one of the most popular cartoons around at the moment, so what better gift for a lover of the show than Marshall and his Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck? It has a ladder than can extend out to two feet, has lights that flash and sounds that let the stranded know you’re on your way. There’s even room on board for all six members of the Paw Patrol (Sold Separately). You can even use an extendable claw to save those in trouble!

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

For ages 3+ | £39.99 from Amazon (Normally £50)

PJ Masks Headquarters PlaysetRivaling the Paw Patrol gang in terms of popularity is the PJ Masks crew, so if the kids that you’re buying for prefer the idea of putting on their pajamas and becoming a superhero then the PJ Masks Headquarters might be for them. You can activate the goggle and get red owl vision, much like Owlettefrom the TV series. From trapping baddies within the tree snarls through to using the Spyscope to shoot fur-balls, this offers hours of fun. It even comes with a Cat Boy figure and the car that he drives around in.

Top 2018 Dolls

In terms of classic toys that have survived countless generations, you don’t get much better than dolls. The key thing nowadays is that they’re significantly improved on the weird Victorian-era dolls that sat with dead eyes, staring at you and inhabiting your nightmares. Instead, they’re exciting, vibrant, fun-filled offerings that do a host of different things.

It’s not just the advancements in the materials used to build the dolls that have altered what they can do, either. New technology means that they have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves, making them more like interactive toys than anything else. There are also different types of what you might refer to as ‘dolls’ available now, broadening the range of who might want them and play with them like never before.

Nella the Princess Knight

For ages 2+ | £9.99 from Amazon

Nella the Princess KnightLiving in a world of dragons, unicorns and adventures, Nella is, as the name suggests, a princess and a knight. She doesn’t need anyone to rescue her, being perfectly capable of saving herself and keeping her parents’ kingdom safe. Dressed in both beautiful clothing and armor with a sword in hand, there are even different versions of Nella out there depending on what you want your doll to do. Perhaps the most popular is a soft doll (available from £17.99) that can sing the song’s theme song and say popular phrases.

Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Doll

Chad Valley Tiny Treasures DollIf you’re looking for a more ‘traditional’ doll that looks like a baby then the Chad Valley Tiny Treasure Doll is the one for you. It not only looks like a real baby but even has a built-in scent that makes it smell like one. Weighted to give it a life-like feel, the doll even comes with a birth certificate and hospital tag. There are also tons of outfits, carriers and changing bags to go along with it.

Playmobil 9227 City Life Wedding Limo

For ages 4+ | £27.73 from Amazon (Normally £29.99)

Playmobil 9227 City Life Wedding LimoPlaymobil offer something a little bit different with their City Life Wedding Limo. As well as a limousine that’s been setup for a wedding, complete with decorative flowers on the front and a tin can attached to the back, it’s also got both a bride and groom and a driver. You can take the roof off the limo, too, meaning that you can see the luxury interior of the car; it’s decorated with flowers and has drinks for the happy couple.

Top 2018 Furry Friends

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but there are many furry creatures that kids and adults alike feel a connection to. Not everyone is a doll lover, so those that aren’t keen on toys that are designed to look like humans may fall in love with a scruffy pet or even an untamed dinosaur.

Perhaps your little one has been begging you for a dog and you’re not sure they’re ready for the responsibility yet, well, getting them a fake doggy will both delight them and give them the opportunity to prove you wrong. Alternatively, you might know of a little one that has a loving attitude, meaning that a toy that they can watch hatch and grow will be ideal for them.

Scruff-a-Luvs Rescue Pets

Scruff-a-Luvs Rescue PetsWhen it comes to teaching younger ones about the responsibility involved in owning a pet, nothing spells that out more than dealing with rescue animals. Scruff-a-Luvs arrive looking scruffy and in need of love and care, but once they’ve been given the attention they deserve they’ll develop into a Furry Friend Forever. Wash it and groom it and find out whether you’ve got a rabbit, a cat or a dog. What better toy is there than one you’ve rescued and fallen in love with?

FurReal Friends – Ricky, The Trick Lovin Pup

FurReal Friends - Ricky, The Trick Lovin PupLast year it was all about the FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger, but this year, it’s all about Ricky. Ricky isn’t just your run-of-the-mill fluffy dog toy, instead, he has the ability to perform tricks for your amusement and entertainment. He has more than a hundred motion and sound combinations to respond to you with, allowing you to reward him with a pat or a treat. Most dogs know how to offer a paw for your to shake, but Ricky can do so much more, up to and including balancing a bone on his nose and then flipping it and catching it in his mouth.

My Little Pony Mega Collection

For ages 3+ | £25.99 from Amazon

My Little Pony Mega CollectionIs there a generation nowadays that doesn’t know of My Little Pony? Regardless, today you can get the Mega Collection, which is based on the recent My Little Pony movie and contains six Ponies for your delectation. If you’re wondering, the My Little Ponies that you’ll get in the Mega Collection are Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack. Standing at around six inches in height and boasting a mane and tail, the Ponies give you a chance to create your own adventures.


FugglerWhat the Fuggler is this all about, then? The name is a portmanteau of ‘Funny’, ’Ugly’ and ‘Monster’, which tells you most of what you need to know. These plush toys are weird looking creatures that boast a mouth full of teeth. You get an adoption certificate, just in case you’re worried that someone else is going to come along and claim them as their own, but they’re mostly worth getting for their… interesting looks. The whole idea behind them is that they’re unique, with forty different creatures from which to choose.

FurReal ‘Munchin’ Rex the Interactive Toy Dinosaur

For ages 4+ | £49.99 from Amazon

FurReal ‘Munchin’ Rex the Interactive Toy DinosaurIs Rex a cousin of Ricky the puppy? Or, is it he’s just his pre-historic pal? Rex offers more than thirty sound and movement combinations to keep you entertained, including the ability to either eat or spit out the treats that you try to feed him. There’s definitely something realistic about that, given that he’ll hop around and beg you to feed him only to be fussy about what he eats. In this case, Rex hates broccoli. Maybe not the best way to teach your kids to eat vegetables, but who likes broccoli?

Fingerlings Untamed Dino

Fingerlings Untamed DinoDinosaurs have become more popular than since the Jurassic Park era in recent times, with the Fingerlings Untamed Dino range promising an opportunity to have a mini-beast of your own. They have gripping claws, jaws that can snap and the ability to roar their disapproval courtesy of more than forty different animations and sounds. You can choose whether you want to tame them or leave them in their untamed manner (perhaps if there’s an annoying sister knocking about). There is also a cute unicorn version for the non-dino fans.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles (Season 3)

For ages 5+ | From £7 at Amazon (4-pack)

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles (Season 3)This toy is about more than just a really enjoyable pun. There are over one hundred new characters available in series three of the Hatchimals collection, which need love and affection to be showered on them before they’ll come out to play. Once they’ve been heated up enough for the egg to change colour you can press down on it and crack the shell to reveal your new buddy. There’s even the possibility that you might hatch twins! Hatchimals was the hit sell-out toy in 2016 and it’s clutching on each year with new releases. Will this be another eggplosive Christmas or will Hatchimals get poached?

Top 2018 Unicorn Toys

If dinosaurs are the most popular creatures around at the moment that have actually existed then unicorns are surely their made-up rivals for the top spot. The unicorn is a creature of legend, having a horn spiraling out of its forehead, which is supposed to be able to cure sickness and make poisoned water drinkable. That’s all in mythology, of course, with today’s unicorns tending to be colourful and garish creatures that being fun and entertainment to any situation.

There’s virtually no toy or thing that can’t be made into a unicorn, from a toothbrush to a pillow, via clothing and swimming pool floats. If you’ve been to virtually any shop anywhere over recent months then you’ll almost certainly have seen a unicorn somewhere on the shelves. It’s little wonder, then, that toy manufacturers have decided to jump on board the unicorn bandwagon with a selection of different colourful offerings.

Fingerlings Unicorn

For ages 5+ | £16.99 from Amazon

Fingerlings UnicornIf you like the idea of the Fingerlings Untamed Dino but the person you’re buying for isn’t too keen on dinosaurs, then it might be worth considering the unicorn alternative. The Fingerlings Unicorn also likes to grab onto things but does so in a cute manner, rather than a menacing one. It will respond to noises, motion and even touch, having the ability to return any kisses you send their way. With different reactions available depending on whether you hold it upside down or not, this a super cute gift for unicorn lovers.

VTech Fantasy Unicorn

For ages 5+ | £49.99 from Amazon

VTech Fantasy UnicornUnicorns are meant to be magical creatures, so it’s only right that there’s a toy that seems to demonstrate such magic. That was presumably the thinking behind VTech’s Fantasy Unicorn, which is named Myla and allows users to select a colour from her make-up palate with the magic brush and then apply it to various parts of her. When the brush applies the make-up you’ll see Myla’s wing, eyes or horn light up. There’s also a microphone so you can sing songs with her!

Out There Sew Your Own Sock Unicorn

For ages 8+ | £5 from Amazon (Normally £10)

Out There Sew Your Own Sock UnicornNothing says the magic of unicorns quite like… socks? The idea behind the Out There gift is that you get a sock and everything you could possibly need to turn said sock into a fluffy pink unicorn. You’ll need to sew those things, such as eyes, tail and horn, onto the sock and there’s plenty of extra stuff in the box to try again if it doesn’t go right the first time (you’d need to supply your own extra sock, however).

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise Slime

For ages 3+ | £49.99

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise SlimeFrom the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was just a bowl of fake unicorn poo. That would be to grossly undersell this toy, however, as it actually includes the unicorn that does the pooping. The idea here is that you feed the unicorn a selection of different unicorn foods and then watch as it poops that food out as rainbow slime. You can store it in the collectible Poopsie keychain and there’s even a scent drop so that it smells as magical as it looks.

Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn Plush

For ages 3+ | £14.99 from Amazon

Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn PlushThis is a unicorn-based option for those that like their toys to be a little bit naughty. On first inspection you’d think that Glenda was a delightful, friendly unicorn made of plush materials that would be nice to stroke and cuddle. A quick squeeze behind her ears, however, and her delightful, smiling face turns into a scary, toothy snarl. This might be a great gift from a brother to a sister, say, looking lovely on the outside but with a trick side hidden away.

My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-On

For ages 3+ | £229.99 from Amazon

My Lovely Unicorn Electric Ride-OnWe mentioned before that dolls are a traditional gift and one of the things they’re matched by is rocking horses. Well, Feber have designed the next level of rocking horse in the shape of a unicorn that you can ride around on! Using the reins, riders can make it go forwards, backwards and left and right up to speeds of just shy of two-miles an hour. There’s also a medical rainbow horn filled with light and sound. The 12v battery can last for up to fifty minutes.

Top 2018 LEGO Sets

The remarkable thing about LEGO is just how timeless its proving itself to be. The Danish company was founded in 1932 and for a time it was seen as a fun but rudimentary toy that involved building random things by clicking the various blocks together. Over the years, however, it’s taken on a new lease of life, particularly thanks to deals with major film companies that allow users to create LEGO versions of their favourite characters.

Perhaps the most clever thing that LEGO have done is create designs for all ages, including adults. You’re just as likely to find a thirty-year-old being protective about the Millennium Falcon that they’ve built as a five-year-old showing off their winter village. That’s why LEGO has proven itself to be so long-lasting, because you can keep it as a keepsake as much as build it for fun.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

For ages 9+ | £84.99 from Amazon

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great HallSpeaking of deals that Lego have made with film companies, few have been as successful as the one they made with Warner Bros over the Harry Potter franchise. If you or someone you know is a big fan of the wizarding world then the Great Hall from Hogwarts might catch your eye. It’s set over four levels and includes a fireplace, the Grand Staircase tower and a heap of magical artifacts like the Sorting Hat. You’ll also get ten mini-figures, such as Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter himself.

LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

For ages 7+ | £67.99 from Amazon

LEGO City Arctic Mobile Exploration BaseThis set is designed to allow you to go on the explore around the ‘arctic’ to see what you can find. As well as six lego mini-figures, which include explorers, a driver and a mammoth, you’ll also get a crane with a hook and a platform. You can hook the vehicles together in a chain in order to ensure that you don’t lose any of them and then analyse anything you find in the mobile lab.

LEGO Duplo Cargo Train

For ages 2+ | £99.93 from Amazon

Lego Duplo Cargo TrainAimed at a younger audience in order to get them into the world of Lego, the Duplo Cargo Train lets toddlers interact with it in a number of different manners. Perhaps the Push & Go motor of the train will engage them, or maybe they’ll be more intrigued by the crane and boat located in the harbour. Whatever it is that takes their fancy, they’ll find this set to be an interesting and engaging one, building the track that the train has to go around and then controlling its forward and backwards motion.

LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos

For ages 9+ | £139.95 from Amazon

LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave ChaosIf the Harry Potter franchise’s explosion into the world of Lego was entirely predictable then the Ninjago one is somewhat more surprising. Here you can head to the hi-tech inventor launchpad to build your own jet plane, but you’ll need to be aware of the likes of General Kozu hanging around to steal the samurai vehicles that you create. This is a full-on creative cave filled with the Ninjago characters that you love and others that you love to hate.

Top 2018 Tech Toys

The generic title of ‘tech’ might sound a bit underwhelming, but in reality, it’s a way of covering any number of exciting new toys that engage the mind of the more technology-minded youngsters out there. How much you engage with tech will likely reveal your age, but certainly those of a more youthful persuasion use technology like older ones will have visited libraries or drank gold top milk.

More often than not the toys in this section are educational, designed to teach people how to code or interact with artificial intelligence. This might be the section that you’ll want to look through if you’re buying a present for someone with an inquisitive mind or who likes to be creative in a more modern way than the traditional methods of painting or building something.

GraviTrax Starter Set

For ages 8+ | £39.99 from Amazon

GraviTrax Starter SetDon’t be fooled by the title of this one, this isn’t a ‘starter set’ in the usual meaning of it being for a younger audience. Instead, it’s aimed at those who are interested in the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, with the STEM track system showing off the power of gravity. Can you build a set that allows the Gravity Spheres to travel around it without disappearing off before the reach the end? You can extend the track indefinitely with additional kits, so imagination doesn’t have to be limited.

Botley the Coding Robot

For ages 5+ | £64.99 from Amazon

Botley the Coding RobotBotley is a cleverly designed robot that can be taught to do any number of actions via the world of coding. Unlike the GraviTrax set, this very much is a starter kit into the world of STEM coding, with the kit giving children a chance to learn how to make it move around, detect and avoid an object and even repeat a pre-programmed sequence; all without the use of a screen like a mobile phone or tablet.

Tech Will Save Us Coder Kit

For ages 8+ | £54.99

Tech Will Save Us Coder KitIf the idea of coding sounds fun but Botley appears to be aimed at a younger audience than you’re looking to buy for then you might prefer the Coder Kit from Tech Will Save Us. Aimed at those aged eight and over, this is a wearable kit that responds to movement once you’ve created a code and programmed it in. It’s splash proof, has motion sensors built in and has lights that flash depending on what it’s been told to do and the actions that the wearer carriers out.

Boxer AI Robot

For ages 6+ | £69.99 from Amazon

Boxer AI RobotDon’t worry, this isn’t training kids to fight like Tyson Fury. Instead, Boxer is a box-shaped robot that can play games and keep your little one entertained for hours. It comes with ten activity cards that you chose one of, place in front of him and he’ll then roll over it to see what activity you’re going to be playing. After that, he’ll engage in the likes of bowling, go karting or even football thanks to the ball you get with the kit. You can interact with Boxer in other ways, thanks to his remote and infrared sensor.

Top 2018 Board Games

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you really can’t go too far wrong with a game. Time has moved on since the days of Uno, snap or pick-up sticks being entertaining enough for youngsters, so game makers have moved on too. Now we have far more interesting things to capture the imagination and keep people amused when it comes to games.

This is the category that you’ll probably want to explore if you’re a bit unsure what to buy or who you’re buying for. Perhaps a nephew that you don’t see very often or the kids of a friend who who you don’t visit as much as you should. Alternatively, you might just want something a bit more suitable for the whole family than some of the things elsewhere on the list, with the following fitting nicely into that bracket.

Chow Crown Game

Chow Crown GameYou’ll almost certainly have heard the expression ‘chow down’ at some point, which means to eat something. Well, this takes that idea and turns it into a fun game for everyone to play. In the box you’ll find a crown that has forks dangling off it. The idea is that you put some food onto those forks and then start the crown spinning. As long as it’s your go and the music’s playing, you need to try to eat as much food as you can. Whoever eats the most wins!

Pie Face Cannon

For ages 5+ | £19.99 from Amazon

Pie Face CannonPerhaps the biggest surprise hit of a few years ago was Pie Face, a deceptively simple game that sees something a bit disgusting like cream put onto a hand that flicks up and splats an unsuspecting victim. This year’s twist on that theme is the Pie Face Cannon, which involves one player trying to splat their opponent with whipped cream and the other attempting to block the incoming cream pie. You get a point if you either pie or block, with the first to five points winning.

Don’t Step In It

For ages 4+ | £14.99 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

Don’t Step In ItThe box for this game shows a child in a blindfold about to step into a pile of poo, with a dog and some other children laughing in the background. That probably gives you a great idea about what to expect with this one, with a spinning board telling you how many steps you’ll need to take along the game mat with your blindfold on. Meanwhile the non-blindfolded players will be told to re-arrange the poo, which is made up of a compound included in the box, by a pre-determined amount.

Pimple Pete

For ages 5+ | £20.40 from Amazon

Pimple Pete gameNext in the category of ‘disgusting and messy games’ is Pimple Pete, which requires players to pop Pete’s pimples and hope that you don’t inadvertently set off his mega-zit. That is pre-loaded with water or some other liquid before the game begins, meaning that you might set it off depending on how many pimples you’re told to pop after you’ve spun the spinner. Every pimple you pop gets added to your collection and the person with the most when the mega-zit goes off becomes the Pimple Popping Champ.

Egged On

For ages 5+ | £7.40 from Amazon (Normally £18.99)

Egged OnThe tagline for this game is ‘The Game of Egg Roulette’, so that should give you an indication of what to expect. There are a series of plastic eggs in the game’s egg carton, so players take it in turn to pick one and press it onto their own heads. The problem is that some of them are filled with water, so you won’t know whether you’re going to get soaked until it’s too late. As with other games, there’s a spinner involved to tell you how many eggs to pick.

Googly Eyes

For ages 7+ | £14.99 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

Googly EyesIf you’re not much of a fan of a messy game then you might prefer the hilarity involved in playing Googly Eyes. This is a little bit like Pictionary, only the person doing the drawing has to wear a pair of wacky-vision glasses that stop them from being able to see properly. With three different coloured lenses depending on how difficult you want it to be, the game offers more than one hundred and fifty challenges for you to draw.

Greedy Granny

For ages 5+ | £15.97 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

Greedy GrannyMany families will likely have a granny who eats all of the Christmas pudding or the chocolates from the tree, so it makes sense that some enterprising company would make a game out of it. Here you’ll find granny in her rocking chair, having fallen asleep with her tray of biscuits in front of her. There are four different biscuit types and you’ll need to collect one of each to win, but if you get your timing wrong then you might wake granny up and that will send her false teeth flying.

Top 2018 Stocking Stuffers

Stockings seem like a great idea when Christmas rolls around, if for no other reason than the idealised Hollywood version of the festive period when you see films that feature them sitting above a roaring fireplace as the snow falls down outside. The problem, of course, is that you also need to actually fill them with presents.

Gone are the days when a lump of coal and a tangerine would be good enough and now kids expect proper gifts inside their stockings when they open them up on Christmas morning. When the idea becomes a reality and you’ve got a stocking to fill, these gifts might help you out massively. They can also be used for a Secret Santa or the like, should you prefer.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps

LOL Surprise Under WrapsBased around the LOL Surprise Doll series, these gifts are quite literally a surprise. You’ll find each doll comes in a disguise that will need to be unwrapped before you’re able to discover what exactly the present is. In order to do that you’ll need to feed or bathe the doll, as well as use the spyglass to decode a secret message. Afterwards, the case they came in can be used as a purse or a carrying case.

Pikmi Pops

For ages 5+ | From £5.99 at Amazon

Pikmi PopsThe Pikmi brand have done well to further their cause in recent years, with the latest collectible coming in the form of an oversized lollipop that is crammed full of goodies. As well as the eponymous plush Pikmi toy are branded goods, such as notebooks and stickers. There are more than forty-five of the plushies to collect included limited edition ones. You can either display your plushies inside the lollipop or dangle them from a bag, phone or purse courtesy of the included dangler.


For ages 5+ | From about £5 at Amazon (Available as Multi-Packs)

SquishiesSquishies are the hit craze and kids all over the world can’t get enough of them. They are, in essence, small squishy things that compress when you squeeze them. Think stress ball and they can be anything from unicorns to penguins to food items like ice cream cones or cat burgers – you name it, there is likely a Squishie for it. Originating in Japan, the Squishie craze has taken the world by storm with no sign of them dying out anytime soon. Squish ’em til they start to get a bit gross, throw ’em out and start again. The best thing is, there’s no one brand that’s popular, so they’re easy to come by! Kids love them and you’ll definitely get some bonus parent points if you pop a couple of these into the ol’ stocking this year.


For ages 4+ | £17.99 from Amazon

PomsiesIt’s easy to see why Pomsies are proving so popular, given the loveable nature of the furry creatures. The idea is that they can wrap around your wrist and therefore be taken anywhere, with each one of the uniquely designed pets having up to fifty sounds to react to how you cuddle, tickle or otherwise love them. They’ll let you know if they’re happy or sleepy as their eyes light up to express their mood. A big head with a long tail, they’re a sure-fire hit.


For ages 5+ | Around £30 at Amazon

GrumbliesIf you’ve got someone in your life that you think will enjoy a hairy pet but don’t think that either the Squishies or the Pomsies sound right then you might want to check out Grumblies. They are a moody, short-tempered creature that his lived away from mankind because they tend to erupt when they’re played with too much. They offer forty different reactions and will almost certainly lose their temper with you, displaying their own amusingly angry personality in the process.