Toys & Games Guide: Top Kids Toys for Christmas 2017

SantaThe top retailers have disclosed their predictions for the hit toys of the 2017 Christmas season, so we’ve combined them here for you in one easy guide and have also included where to find them for the best price. We’ll keep you updated on any price reductions come Black Friday, however, some of the top-selling toys may very well sell out before then and we’re already seeing toys like the Luvabella Doll selling out and low stock for toys, such as the Furreal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger.

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Please Note: Prices & availability are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.

Top Action Toys for Christmas 2017

From computer consoles to Nerf guns, laser tag experiences to your favourite Star Wars characters brought to life, there’s everything a lover of the rough and tumble could possibly want in their lives. There are also toys ranging across all age ranges, so it’s always worth thinking about how old the person you’re buying for will be when it’s time to play with the gift, rather than how old they are right now.

Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks

For ages 6+ | £35 from Amazon (Normally £69.99)

Transformers: The Last Knight RC SqweeksHaving taken more than $605 million dollars worldwide, it’s fair to say that Transformers: The Last Knight was a box office smash. Now kids can get their hands on a toy version of one of the film’s most beloved characters – the Autobot Sqweeks. With both motion and sound effects, this radio controlled Transformer will let kids feel like their part of the action. It can dance one minute and then turn on its blasters the next with plenty of detail to be admired.

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Movie Moves Lightening McQueen

For ages 36 Months+ | £17.69 from Amazon (Normally £41.07)

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Movie Moves Lightening McQueenThe fact that the Cars franchise released its third movie this summer should tell you everything you need to know about its enduring likability. Few characters have the charm, humour and excitement of Lightening McQueen, so it’s little wonder that so many youngsters love spending time in his company. Now they can do so without needing to put the DVD on, thanks to the interactive version of the Disney Pixar character. Complete with working headlights and the ability to say over 65 phrases from the movies, kids will be saying “Ka-chow!” in no time.

Nintendo Switch Console

For ages 3+ | £279.99 from Amazon

Nintendo Switch ConsoleOn the one hand, we all want kids to be able to play on their computers and enjoy themselves. On the other, sometimes it’s nice if they do that in the other room and let us watch EastEnders in peace. That’s where the Nintendo Switch comes in, having the ability to connect to your TV one minute and be used on-the-go the next. That’s thanks to the 6.2-inch screen built into the device, meaning that youngsters can have the full console experience wherever they are; providing they can get you to give up the controls, of course.

Laser X

For ages 6+ | £44.77 from Amazon

Laser XPeople of a certain age will remember spending at least some of their youth playing LaserQuest, running around a run-down warehouse type venue with laser guns and shooting their friends. Now you can introduce your kids to the experience, taking the opportunity to relive your youth, making sure you win every time, of course. Laser X sees players wear a patch on their chest and play ‘tag’ from up to 60-metres away. There are two guns included in the pack, but you can expand it to unlimited players.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

For ages 10+ | £85.39 from Amazon

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled DroidWe’ve already mentioned the popularity of both Transformersand Cars, but nothing compares to the worldwide appeal of Star Wars. BB-8 stole the show when The Force Awakens came out in 2015 and will likely do the same with the release of The Last Jedi this year. Now you can have your very own droid at home, with Sphero’s BB-8 able to respond to voice commands, project a holographic recording and be controlled by a mobile device.

Nerf Modulus Tri Strike

For ages 8+ | £29.99 from Amazon (Normally £49.99)

Nerf Modulus Tri StrikeNerf guns are about as much fun as you can have with foam bullets, but the Tri Strike takes things to a whole new level. Now users can fire normal Nerf bullets in combination with mega darts and even a missile. The real joy of this latest piece of Nerf machinery is that you can use them all separately or combine them together, meaning that you’re essentially buying three guns in one. The clip allows ten darts to be fired in quick succession, meaning that this will be the ideal weapon for multi-player combat.

Fisher Price Codeapillar

For ages 3+ | £43.99 from Amazon (Normally £54.99)

Fisher Price CodeapillarWe weren’t kidding when we said there were toys here for kids of all ages, as proven by the Code-a-pillar from Fisher Price. Designed to help kids aged three and up begin to think critically, solve problems and develop skills such as sequencing, this toy allows children to ‘program’ where the Code-a-pillar goes by changing the order of the segments that make up its body. There are target disks included in the pack too, so they can decide where it should start its journey and where it will end it.

Zoomer Chimp

For ages 5+ | £59.99 from Amazon (Normally £119.99)

Zoomer ChimpIf you like the idea of being able to give verbal instructions to a device but the BB-8 seems to be a little bit too old for your youngster, consider the Zoomer Chimp. Aimed at kids aged five and up, he will listen to the commands given to him and knows over one hundred of them. You can tell him to ‘go bananas’ or ‘do a flip’ and then watch him carry out your instruction. This cheeky chappy can change the colour of his eyes and even move his face in a lifelike fashion!

Paw Patrol Air Patroller

For ages 36 Months+ | £32 from Amazon (Normally £39.99)

Paw Patrol Air PatrollerIn Cartoon terms, Paw Patrol is the Star Wars of the TV world. Anyone that’s even spoken to a kid of around three-years-old will know all about the happenings in Adventure Bay and now they can feel as if they’re joining in, thanks to the Paw Patrol Air Patroller. It has rotating propellers, allowing it to switch between being a helicopter and a plane in an instant. It comes with a Robopup pilot and can even fit the PAW Patrol team into its cargo bay, if you’ve got them.

Teach and Tag Movi

For ages 36 Months+ | £33.99 from Amazon (Normally £44.99)

 Teach and Tag Movi This is more of a learning device than a toy, such is the educational value that kids will get from interacting with it. There are three different modes in which it can be used – from think and move shapes, such as make a triangle!, through to animal actions, where Movi will ask participants to crawl around like a tiger – this is a great learning device. With 360-degrees of mobility and light-up buttons on its head, this is a robot that knows how to engage youngsters to follow instructions and engage in critical thinking during play.

Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone

For ages 12+ | £89.99 from Amazon

Airhogs DR1 Official Race DroneThe Airhogs Race Drone is a thrilling new toy that allows users to feel as though they’re genuinely part of the action. The camera on the front of the drone beams live video back to a mobile device that is fitted into a headset, allowing for a first-person viewpoint of where the drone is going. The sort of thing that is used in competitive drone racing, it features both beginner and advanced modes that allow the user to feel as though their progressing to becoming a genuine drone pilot.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Activity Centre

For ages 9 Months+ | £38.99 from Amazon

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Activity CentreIntroducing little ones to sports at an early age is a great way of getting them to learn co-ordination and to help develop their confidence. The Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Activity Centre has basketball, for hand-eye co-ordination, football for walking and movement and bowling to allow them to knockdown and then re-build the pins. Perfect for toddlers and with an adjustable-height basketball hoop that grows with them, you’ll be helping to create the next Lionel Messi in no time. This game teaches movement, learning techniques and how to follow direction.

Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBo

For ages | £24.99 from Amazon (Normally £39.99)

Fisher-Price Dance and Move BeatBoOffering similar learning techniques but for an even younger audience, the Fisher Price Dance and Move BeatBo encourages your baby to start moving around thanks to its animatronic dancing. There are colours on its belly that flash, music that will engage kids and various textures to stimulate the senses. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to custom-record a song or message that BeatBo will remix in its own inimitable style. This is an excellent way to encourage a baby to engage its motor skills, with the idea of actions having consequences mixed in. Also available as ‘Belle BeatBo’ in pink.

Playmobil 6919 City Action Police Headquarters with Prison

For ages 4+ | £57.49 from Amazon (Normally £64.99)

Playmobil 6919 City Action Police Headquarters with PrisonCops and robbers must be one of the most enduring kids games ever, but now they can take it to a whole new level. Playmobil’s City Action Police Headquarters with Prison comes fully equipped with lockable cells and a control room, as well as a weapons store. There’s even an escape route for the prisoners thanks to a breakaway wall section. You get a prisoner and two police officers included with the pack, though whether the both police are reliable at their job depend’s upon the user’s imagination. There’s even a fingerprint scanner included!

Sky Viper Streaming Drone

For ages 12+ | £119.99 from Amazon

Sky Viper Streaming DroneIt doesn’t look like the popularity of drones is going to die down any time soon and nor should it. They are fascinating devices that older kids and teenagers love to play with. The Sky Viper Streaming Drone will let budding young film makers get themselves right into the heart of the action, thanks to the ability to stream video directly to a mobile phone or record directly onto a micro SD card. The video is HD, so the drone pilot will be able to get a bird’s eye point-of-view in real-time with crystal clear images.

Star Wars BladeBuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber

For ages 4+ | £29.79 from Amazon (Normally £43.99)

Star Wars BladeBuilders Path of the Force LightsaberEver since the first Star Wars film was released in 1977, viewers have asked themselves whether they’re on the dark side or the light. Now they can have a go at being both, thanks to this latest Star Wars accessory. As well as the ‘blade’ of the lightsaber, you also get blue lights if you want to be a Jedi and red lights if you choose to be a Sith. It’s customisable with other toys from the BladeBuilders series and you can enhance the experience further by downloading the Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app.

Anki Cozmo Robot

For ages 8+ | £199.99 from Amazon

Anki Cozmo RobotCozmo is described as a ‘real-life game playing robot’, so that should give you some idea of what it is that you’re letting yourself in for with this toy. The idea is that its personality grows the more it is played with, ensuring that kids don’t get bored and forgot about it. The more it’s played with, the more games are unlocked. Additionally, because it needs to be connected to a mobile device with the Cozmo app, you know it will always be up-to-date.


Of all the toys on this page, none are more enduing than LEGO. First created in 1949, its popularity has never waned and it’s arguably in more demand now than ever before. In one sense it’s just a matter of clicking together plastic boxes, but in reality it’s a way of making worlds out of nothing. Here are some examples of the best LEGO toys around:

LEGO City Volcano Supply Helicopter

For ages 7+ | £35.98 from Amazon (Normally £44.98)

LEGO City Volcano Supply HelicopterDesigned to be part of the wider world of LEGO City, the LEGO Volcano Supply Helicopter does exactly what it says on the tin. It features spinning rotors and a rear ramp that can be lowered, allowing for a volcano exploration. You get a pilot and a volcano explorer with this kit, as well as several different accessories. LEGO has always been the perfect toy for kids of all ages with an active imagination, but the addition here of a lowering winch and hook means that rescue missions can go up a notch.

LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train

For ages 12+ | £72.90 from Amazon

LEGO Creator Winter Holiday TrainThe real beauty of LEGO is the numerous different worlds that the various designs fit into. A great example of this the LEGO Creator range, allowing users to make to make fantastical scenes that can standalone if needs be. The Winter Holiday Train is perfect for Christmas, featuring a locomotive complete with driver and ticket collector, as well as a grandmother with her two grandchildren. It’s designed to be a push along toy, but you can add a motor and controller separately if you’d like to take things to the next level.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon

For ages 8+ | £44.97 from Amazon

LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech DragonFrom the LEGO Batman Movie through to the LEGO Movieitself, LEGO’s recent move into cinematic experiences has proven extremely popular. That’s also the case with their latest venture, Ninjago. The Green Ninja Mech Dragon kit comes with everything you need to build your own dragon, plus four different mini-figures. These are the green Ninja, Wu, Garmadon and Charlie, meaning that kids can re-enact their favourite scenes from the movie and even make-up their own. Measuring over five-inches in height and twenty-three inches in length, this is a decent-sized kit.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Toy

For ages 7+ | £136.58 from Amazon (Normally £149.99)

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox ToyThe LEGO Boost kit is a way of bringing LEGO creations to life, thanks to the Code and Play aspect of the system. The Creative Toolkit allows kids to build any one of five different characters, from Vernie the Robot through to Frankie the Cat. The completed designs can be connected to a tablet in order to code behaviours into them, teaching your youngsters how to get into the world of science, technology, engineering and maths. The box includes over 840 different LEGO pieces, complete with the ability to fire darts from a shoulder-mounter shooter.

Top Doll & Animal Toys for Christmas 2017

This list of toys, meanwhile, lends itself to the more sensitive and soulful types. From age-old favourites, such as My Little Pony dolls, through to newer toys like the Furreal Roarin’ Tyler, there’s a decent variety of options on offer here. Perhaps most surprising for people of a certain age are the number of toys that are coming back into fashion with the Tamagotchi being the most obvious example of that!

Luvabella Doll

For ages 4+ | £99.99 from Amazon

Luvabella DollEvery year there’s a toy that grabs the attention above all others and this year it’s the Luvabella Doll. Luvabella is about as close to a real baby as you’re going to get, complete with the ability to play peek-a-boo and with a heartbeat you can listen to. The doll grows and learns to speak the more that you play with it and it also comes in several different designs.

The toy was out of stock in most shops across the UK over the Christmas 2017 period, however, the doll is now back in stock. You can also find the blonde, dark brown hair, and brunette varieties available on Amazon.

Furreal Roarin’ Tyler, The Playful Tiger

For ages 4+ | £79.99 from Amazon (Normally £134.99)

Furreal Roarin’ Tyler, The Playful TigerAnother toy that is likely to capture the imagination this Christmas is Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger. Essentially an animatronic pet, Tyler is a tiger cub that can respond to instruction and has more than one-hundred motion and sound combinations. He responds when he’s talked to and reacts when you pet him, so this is the perfect way to introduce a child to the idea of getting a real-life pet. He even comes with his own play toy that he interacts with, ensuring that he’ll be one of the most sought after toys around.

Snuggles My Dream Puppy

For ages 4+ | £54.99 from Amazon

Snuggles My Dream PuppyIt seems as though interactive toys will be all the rage this Christmas and Snuggles My Dream Puppy is another way to get kids used to the notion of a real pet in the house. Snuggles can be petted and cuddled and the more love you give him the more he’ll give you back. It is, as the saying goes, a dog’s life, so you’ll be jealous when you see his chest rise and fall when he’s asleep. As well as Snuggles himself, you also get a feeding bottle and an adoption certificate.

Hatchimals Surprise

For ages 5+ | £71.45 from Amazon (Normally £74.99)

Hatchimals SurpriseHatchimals were the top-selling toy for Christmas 2016, having sold out across the UK and much of the US, and they are back in 2017 with a new design. If you don’t know what a Hatchanimal is then you’re probably not alone! They’re magical little creatures that come hidden inside a speckled egg, hatching out to reveal their true nature. Once the egg is hatched, you’ll get two of the baby animals, paired together at random and designed to mimic the real thing. The animals grow and learn the more you play with them.


For ages | £15 from Amazon

TamagotchiIs this toy for a kid or for the kid in you? Children of the ‘90s will remember which one they had (Giga Pet, anyone?) and the temptation will be there to buy one this year for the sake of nostalgia if nothing else. If you’re not sure what a Tamagotchi is then think of a small, computerised pet that you had to feed, look after and clean up in order to keep alive. The company behind the device, Bandai, has released a new range of colours for a whole new generation of kids (or maybe for the Millenials who want to reminisce about the good old days).

SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone

For ages 8+ | £15.99 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

SelfieMic Selfie Stick MicrophoneAvailable in both gold and pink, the SelfieMic Selfie Stick Microphone might sound like a combination of the worst things imaginable, but let’s remember you’re not buying this for yourself. Aimed at teenage girls who like to have a singalong and take selfies, this combines a microphone and a stick for your phone so that you can record your own music videos. As well as the device itself, you also get a code for the StarMaker app, giving access to songs by the likes of Justin Bieber and Little Mix.

LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran

For ages 7+ | £49.99 from Amazon (Normally £64.99)

LEGO Friends Sunshine CatamaranWe had a look at some LEGO in the Boys Toys section and here’s some more that you might want to consider picking up. The Friends Sunshine Catamaran is designed to work with your Friends Minifigures, complete with a sun deck and two loungers. As well as the catamaran itself, you also get a whole host of accessories including Olivia, Stephanie and Liam, a banana boat and an inflatable ring. This is very much a chance to build a whole ‘at sea’ scene, with two dolphins willing to come and say hello too.

Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies Floating Palace Playset

For ages 3+ | £22.49 from Amazon (Normally £32.99)

Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies Floating Palace PlaysetAimed at kids aged three and over, Shimmer and Shine are two genies and this is their floating palace. Open it up to reveal the inside of the palace, complete with a magic carpet ride around the top of it. Think old school Polly Pocket but slightly bigger. There’s a kitchen where the genies can have afternoon tea, a bedroom where they can go to sleep and even a Mirror Room that reveals itself when the gem is turned. The set comes with both Shimmer and Shine, though other Teenie Genies will work with it if you have them.

Chad Valley Designafriend Tiffany Doll

Chad Valley Designafriend Tiffany DollThis a range of toys rather than one specific one, offering a host of different options in terms of style and even haircuts. Ava, for example, has brown eyes and curly brown hair, whilst Jessica is a red-head with pale blue eyes. They come beautifully packaged and also include a charm bracelet that can be worn. Intended for kids aged three and up, the idea is that you buy several Chad Valley Designafriend dolls in order to complete the collection. You can even get a suitcase with extendable handles and a light-up walkway to parade down.

Little Tykes Princess Horse & Carriage

For ages 18 Months+ | £79.99 from Amazon (Normally £109.99)

Little Tykes Princess Horse & CarriageIt’s all well and good dressing up toys to make them into princesses, but what happens when your child wants to be a princess themselves? Doesn’t every girl? They’ll need a horse and carriage to get them to the ball, which is where Little Tykes latest twist on their classic car design comes in. With a pink body and a purple roof, this regal mode of transportation includes a removable floor and a reign for parents to act as footmen with. The horse even makes clip-clopping sounds as its walking along!

My Little Pony Style & Groom Rainbow Dash Pony

For ages 3+ | £18.90 from Amazon

My Little Pony Style & Groom Rainbow Dash PonyYou might well ask yourself, ‘what’s the only thing cuter than a My Little Pony?’ The answer, of course, is a My Little Pony with rainbow hair. The idea behind this take on the classic children’s toy is that the Pony’s hair is groomed, so you’ll find that the toy comes complete with numerous hair-styling accessories. From hair beads to bobbles, mane grips to gems, your child can brush and groom their My Little Pony’s hair into any number of exciting and modern styles. There are also some stickers to brighten things up even more.

Tiny Treasures Twin Set

For ages 3+ | £69.99

Tiny Treasures Twin SetDesignafriend Tiffany Dolls aren’t the only exciting thing coming out of the Chad Valley stable this year. The Tiny Treasures Twin Set presents owners with two realistic looking new born babies. As the name suggests, they’re twins; though they’re non-identical given that one has brown hair and the other one blonde. They’re designed to smell like new born babies, with a birth certificate and hospital tag thrown in for good measure. You’ll be pleased to know they’re safe for travel, coming in a car seat complete with safety straps.

Project Mc2 Smart Pixel Purse

For ages 3+ | £39.93 from Amazon (Normally £59.99)

Project Mc2 Smart Pixel PurseThe problem with bags and purses is that if they’re popular, you’re likely to see someone else with the same one. The best way around that is to design your own, but what if you get bored of the design? That’s where Project Mc2’s Smart Pixel Purse comes in, offering users a purse with a multicolour LED display on the side of it. There are ten pre-programmed designs, but you can also download the iOS or Android app and come up with your own. Finished designing? Pop your phone in the bag’s storage compartment!

Pikmi Pops Surprise

For ages 3+ | £5.99 from Amazon

Pikmi Pops SurpriseOne of the problems with Christmas is that it’s not just about the main present. You also need to find a few stocking fillers or toys to go inside Santa’s sack. The Pikmi Pops Surprise might just come in handy here, shaped like a lollipop but filled with numerous different random surprises. We’re talking about the likes of a Pikmi plushie, a collector’s guide to let you know how many there are still to find and a surprise message. To add to the sense of surprise, you’ll find that the plushie is scented! Think Kinder eggs but with lolly pops and cute little animals inside.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Objects Tea Set

For ages 36 Months+ | £18.97 from Amazon (Normally £24.99)

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Objects Tea SetDisney’s Beauty and the Beast was revealed to a whole new audience this year when the live action version of the old classic was released, featuring Emma Watson in the role of Belle. If you’re thinking of buying the film on Blu-Ray or DVDthen you might want to pick this up as a suitable accompaniment. Featuring Mrs. Potts, who winks when you pour your tea, and a Chip that wobbles on his saucer as he gets filled, this set will serve you up a cuppa that’s delicious. Don’t believe us? Ask the dishes.

VTech Kidi Super Star

For ages 6+ | £44.99 from Amazon

VTech Kidi Super StarVTech has long been the go-to company for electronic learning items for kids, so it’s no surprise to see them on the list of best toys this year. The Kidi Super Star is basically a karaoke machine, complete with the ability to change your voice as you sing along! You can show off to all of your favourite songs courtesy of a headphone jack that will plug into an iPhone or mp3 player, plus it comes in two different colours. As well as being a singalong device, this also allows for different disco lights.

Feisty Pets

Feisty PetsFeisty Pets are the latest craze to have taken off in the United States and are slowly making their way over here. Aimed at kids aged three and over, you’ll want to play this one by ear considering that they can actually be a little bit scary for the wrong child. The idea is that the pet is cute and adorable looking, but a squeeze behind the ears will see them turn into something a little more feisty and fierce. Think of the difference between the mogwai and a Gremlin and you’ll have some idea of what we’re talking about.

Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

For ages 4+ | £28.99 from Amazon (Normally £49.99)

Num Noms Nail Polish MakerThere are 120 different Num Nom nail polishes to collect, so a good place to start might well be with this Nail Polish Maker kit. It’s based on a café theme and the idea is that you create your own nail polish. The twist on the theme is that it’s not just a colour you’ll be selecting, with each variation also having its own scent. How about strawberry and banana? Add in some glitter and throw on some stickers and you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Top 2017 Board Games

Christmas is about giving others presents, but it’s also about a family. It’s a time to come together, spend time with each and then remember why you don’t do it more often. Even so, one of the best ways to come together as a family is to play a board game, perhaps making sure that dad’s not in charge of the bank because he’s definitely cheating when no one’s watching.

Some games are fast and furious, filled with action and giving everyone a chance to have a good laugh. Others are more about the gameplay and working together, though if your on granny’s team you’re going to have to make sure she doesn’t fall asleep when it’s her turn. Here’s a look at some of the best on the market this year:

Get a Grip

For ages 8+ | £14.53 from Amazon (Normally £22.99)

Get a Grip Board GameGet a Grip is likely to be the hit game this year, combining motor skills with dexterity but also removing the key component to it all – the thumb! The idea behind this game is that participants wrap a bandage around their hand, removing their thumb from the action. They then turn over a challenge card that they have to complete, collecting the card if they do so successfully. Collect three cards and you’re the winner! You’ll have to do variations on one of three challenges, requiring you to either sculpt, draw or do something.

Pie Face Sky High

For ages 5+ | £10.62 from Amazon (Normally £26.99)

Pie Face Sky High Board GamePie Face was the hit game of 2015, so it’s no surprise that the company behind it has found away to take things to the next level. Pie Face involved putting something like cream on the end of a plastic hand and taking it in turns to turn a knob, seeing who the cream would end up on. This puts a carnival-style twist on that, with one person standing with their head in the ring and others seeing if they can hit the plate hard enough to release the ‘pie’ and splat their friends and family.

Speak Out: Kids vs Parents

For ages 8+ | £10.99 from Amazon (Normally £27.98)

Speak Out: Kids vs Parents Board GameSpeak Out pits kids against their parents, with the idea being that you split into teams. A ‘contestant’ then has to put a device in their mouth that won’t let them close it properly. You then pick a card from the relevant pile and try to say it to your team mates, with the team that understands the most phrases correctly winning! It’s easier than it sounds, with kids having cards filled with phrases they’re most likely to say and adults having (family appropriate) ones more suited to them.

John Adams Soggy Doggy Game

For ages 4+ | £19.99 from Amazon

John Adams Soggy Doggy Board GameThis might sound like a game that was created purely because of words that rhyme, but it’s surprisingly addictive. Players have to race around a bathtub in which sits a doggy that’s getting a wash. You wash and shower the dog as you travel but, like all dogs when they’re wet, he likes to shake himself dry every now and then! The idea is that you make it right the way around the bathtub without making him shake because if he does you have to go right back to the start!

Toilet Trouble

For ages 4+ | £14.45 from Amazon

Toilet Trouble Board GameGames with punishments that occur at ‘random’ times have been all the rage for years, though they particularly caught the imagination when Pie Face was one of the best selling games of 2015. Toilet Trouble takes this idea and moves it up a notch, with the notion behind the game being that players press a toilet’s flush and see when it sprays water at you. The water is put in before the game begins, so you might want to give it a disgusting twist by adding some brown or yellow food colouring to it.

King Pong

For ages 5+ | £11.05 from Amazon (Normally £24.99)

King Pong Board GameThe way King Pong works is remarkably simply, but simplicity can be addictive when done right. Designed for 2-4 players, each contestant has a tray in front of them with ping pong balls in it. To win you need to empty all of the ping pongs out of your tray and into an opponents, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds! For starters, you need to decide whether to throw the balls through a window or down a funnel at the top. Then, when you’ve chosen your method, there’s a pyramid blocking your way.

Pop Up Pirate Children’s Preschool Action Game

For ages 3+ | £9.99 from Amazon (Normally £15.99)

Pop Up Pirate Children's Preschool Action GameMost of the games on the list have been for teenagers and above, but this is one that kids aged three and up can get involved with. There’s a pirate in a barrel and a number of slots around the place. Players need to take it in turns to insert a plastic sword into the barrel, with one of them causing the pirate to jump up. Whoever makes him do that is the loser! Think Buckaroo or Jenga, with the game getting more and more tense as it goes on.

5 Second Rule

For ages 8+ | £14.95 from Amazon (Normally £19.99)

5 Second Rule Board GameAny self-respecting household should employ a 5 second rule; the time within which you’re still allowed to eat something after dropping it on the floor. There’s no food in sight when it comes to this game, however, you’ll need to complete a task within the allotted time. Can you name three makes of car within five seconds? How about types of fruit? This is a game of fast thinking and quick talking, where you take on other members of your household to see who’s got the smartest mouth.


For ages 8+ | £21.99 from Amazon (Normally £27.99)

RapidoughThis one has been around for a while but is still just as fun as ever. It’s essentially charades with balls of dough, rewarding the team that is able to correctly identify what it is that the sculptor is trying to recreate. Suitable for four or more players, the victorious team not only wins the round but also gets to steal a piece of dough from the losers. Lose too many times and you might end up having to sculpt with the tiniest piece out dough imaginable! Unless your clue is ‘a pea’, you could be in trouble.