Given a definite slowdown of online sales this summer, experts believe shoppers may be holding out for the Black Friday sales.

After having moved to London from California over five years ago, I noticed there are some pretty stark differences when it comes to shopping in Britain and in the states. Americans, characteristically friendly and chatty, are very different to their British counterparts who, as stereotypes have it, are more reserved but also incredibly polite when they need to be. Here are some of the more comical differences I’ve noticed when it comes to shopping.

RFID Skimming is a type of digital credit card theft, which enables RFID (radio-frequency identification) smart bank cards to be copied. Thieves can use a RFID reader device from a distance, which reads the cards details from within 6 inches or 15 centimeters. Cards can be read from within a wallet and a purse, whilst you’re out shopping on the high street or on the tube just standing in close proximity to someone.

Online shopping is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to shop these days. So, rather than mucking about in busy shops this Christmas, many people will go online to complete all of their shopping. But, with all of the hackers and scammers out there, it’s important to remember how to stay safe when shopping online. Here we discuss some tips for safe shopping online and how to look out for sites to avoid.

Black Friday can be slightly chaotic (to put it lightly) and gets a lot of negative press, but people still do it and some just can’t understand why. In this post, we explore why you should go get out of bed early on Black Friday and face the lively crowds. Starting with brilliant door-busting deals, which are only available in-store, to amazing discounts and heavily reduced limited items, there is many a reason to join in the chaos.

Black Friday unites a range of characters with one common interest – a good bargain. From old ladies, to peppy women who like to chat, boyfriends dragged along to help carry the bags, and children bored out of their minds. There truly is no limit to who you might encounter on a Black Friday shopping spree.

Black Friday is a famous shopping day involving great sales, discounts and deals, but it can also be a day filled with stress, fury, and chaos, as millions of shoppers hit the streets to find the best offers. Below we review our top 10 choices of strong-willed TV characters that would make ideal Black Friday teammates.

Below we take a look at some of the finest literary characters to have ambled across the pages of our imaginations. Witty, iron-willed, daring and adventurous are just some of the features that best describe these remarkable characters. They are le crème de le crème in the literary world and would surely dominate the chaos, which is Black Friday. Here we take a look at our top five pick for literary characters who would have owned the infamous Black Friday sales:

Black Friday is notoriously known for being chaotic with people queuing at the entrances and rushing to the back of the shop to snap up that massively reduced TV deal limited in number. Pushing, shoving, and trampling have all been widely documented in the news with people getting seriously injured or getting killed in the chaos. One woman in southern California reportedly even used pepper spray to wipe out her competitors in order to get an Xbox.

Let’s face it, Americans don’t always get things right. Their health care system is a mess and they call football soccer, but when it comes to giving thanks each year for what they have, we could learn a thing or two. Here we take a closer look at the holiday, Thanksgiving, and why people across the globe should take the opportunity to celebrate this wonderful day of giving thanks.