In the lead up to Black Friday, Zavvi is offering 'Midnight Deals' & 'Flash Deals' on a range of products, including consoles and games. The midnight deals will be launched at 00.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the lead up to Black Friday – the 20th through the 23rd. New products and offers will be available each night when the clock strikes midnight, however, the list of items is not available in advance and will only last a limited time. And, when the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday? Prepare yourself for a flurry of great bargains in all categories.

Zavvi Screenshot

Zavvi's Flash Deals to Keep you Going Til Black Friday

In addition to the 'Midnight Deals', Zavvi is offering 'Flash Deals' starting now! These include items like blu rays, dvds, games, clothing, memorabilia, and technology. Here are some of the products we've seen reduced so far – the discounts are amongst the best we've seen in the early Black Friday sales so far:

  • Blu Ray & DVDs: A fantastic range of complete TV series have been massively reduced, including Sherlock Holmes with a 77% savings, making it only £26.99, as well as Gilmore Girls for only £39.99.
  • Games: Games have also been heavily reduced, such as Batman: Arkham Knight for Xbox One & also PS4 marked down by 75% at just £13.99 with Sony gaming headsets on sale, as well as game controllers.
  • Clothing: Hoodies, tees, jeans, jackets are all on offer with a free pair of trainers available with the purchase of a hoody for men.
  • Technology: Veho battery packed charger marked down by over 72% for just £21.99 and a Viglen 9" 32GB Windows tablet marked down by 60% for just £49.99.

What to Expect from Zavvi on Black Friday

Whilst Zavvi's Black Friday will not be released until midnight on Black Friday, we are expecting big things this year, as the 2015 sales brought some of the lowest priced games console bundles we saw on the market, as well as heavy price reductions across the board.